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Tego Introduces defoamer

April 15, 2008

Tego Coating Additives and Specialty Resins has introduced Tego Foamex 843 for waterborne wood coating formulations. The use of Foamex 843 results in fast and complete foam knock-down, preventing micro- and macro-foam, with good compatibility and excellent long-term persistence, according to the company. Foamex 843 is compatible with a variety of water-based resin systems including acrylic emulsions, styrene acrylic emulsions, polyurethane dispersions and hybrid resins. Foamex 843, based on innovative defoamer technology, is a formulation of polyethersiloxanes and organic polymers containing fumed silica. More info: Tego Coating Additives and Specialty Resins, (804) 541-8658, (800) 446-1809; Web: www.evonik.com.

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