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By Tim Wright | May 29, 2008

In this issue of Coatings World we review several key areas of the coatings industry. Regarding the industrial coatings market, Kerry Pianoforte speaks with leading paint manufacturers who all agree that economic growth in emerging regions and innovations in performance are key factors for growth in this market. Click here to find out the latest from companies including BASF, PPG and Rohm and Haas.

This issue also marks our first Asia-Pacific Report, which will now appear annually as part of our editorial line-up. This year's focus is China. Amid its economic boom, China has become the world's second largest paint producer. The growth of China's coatings industry continues to be a major success. The world's top ten coatings companies now have at least one manufacturing base in China. Click here and you'll find a round up of activity in China among the world's leading paint companies.

Moving on, while cost is always an issue especially in today's volatile market, differentiation is another key for paint companies. Manufacturers continue their search for that new color that differentiates their brand from the competition and the metallic look continues to grow in popularity. While the demand for metallic effects increases, paint and coatings manufacturers are developing newer, more eye-catching metallic finishes to help their customers' products stand out in crowded and competitive marketplaces.

Metallic pigment suppliers are at the forefront of this consumer styling trend and are continually developing innovative technologies that produce cooler metallic looks. Click here to find out what leading suppliers to this market including Ciba, Sun and BASF have to say.

In addition, this month Coatings World also features an article by Jim Berry, an environmental consultant and chair of ASTM's Environmental Concerns Subcommittee D-01. Surprisingly, many in the coatings industry are unaware even of what ASTM is let alone the important role it plays. Click here where Berry provides an overview of ASTM and addresses concerns about the organizations need of support from industry.

For this issue we also provide a review of RadTech UV/EB Technology Conference & Expo 2008. The UV and EB markets have enjoyed excellent growth in recent years, as the benefits of energy-curable technologies are leading to new industries and applications. Anyone interested in this market should click here and learn more about this key event to UV/EB industry.

Rounding out this issue, you will also find the latest from key media and milling equipment suppliers in our annual directory, which you'll find here.

Tim Wright

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