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Shepherd Color offers black stir-in pigment

June 12, 2008

The Shepherd Color Company has introduced Dynamix Black 30C933, a pigment black stir-in inorganic color pigment. Typical applications include liquid and powder coatings, silicate and masonry coatings and radiation cured coatings. Dynamix stir-in pigment technology requires only simple mixing. The time it takes to reach complete dispersion depends on the intensity of the mixing equipment, but can be achieved in as little as five minute. Dynamix is compatible with solvent- and waterborne coatings systems, as well as 100% solids systems and UV cured coatings. More info:  Shepherd Color, (513) 874-0714; Fax: (513) 874-5061; E-mail: salesusa@shepherdcolor.com; Web: www.shepherdcolor.com.

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