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Coatings for offshore, oil and gas applications

September 12, 2008

Coatings for offshore
oil and gas applications
Sub-One Technology has rolled out a family of new coatings based on its InnerArmor technology. The coatings are being tested in surface, subsea and downhole oil and gas applications including piping, couplers, cylinders, and drilling and completion equipment. The new Inner­Armor family of coatings has been tuned to solve corrosion, wear and friction reduction challenges in the interiors of liquid and gas handling equipment and piping. Each coating has been tested using applicable NACE, ASTM and other industry standards to validate performance. Hybrid custom coatings are also available to accommodate application requirements for multiple types of protection. For example, heavy oil producers are using InnerArmor coatings to protect internal components against abrasion and corrosion from slurry flows.