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Mixer from CPS

September 12, 2008

CPS Color, a supplier of tinting systems, has launched Corob Clevermix 20 manual gyroscopic mixer into the U.S. market. The Clevermix 20’s automatic repositioning of the clamping plates at the end of the mixing cycle eliminates unnecessary operations–a simple unclamping step is all the operator needs to remove the paint can. The Clevermix 20 features sturdy metal parts for the most critical areas, an ergonomic handle and can loading system designed for ease of use. The Clevermix 20 comes in two versions. The ST version addresses the most basic needs, offering the option of selecting the mixing time with the use of a simple selection knob. The PR version, which uses a digital display and keyboard, allows operators to choose the time and cycle. More info: CPS Color, (704) 588-8408; Web: cpscolor.com.

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