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PPG introduces Duranar powder coatings

October 10, 2008

PPG industrial coatings has introduced Duranar powder coatings for architectural aluminum. The coatings are an extension of the existing line of Duranar liquid coatings and are engineered for monumental architectural applications such as building panels, curtain walls and storefronts.
Made using Kynar 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin technology, Duranar powder coatings have the environmental benefits of a zero-VOC powder coating. They also have the same durability, color and gloss retention, and chalk, corrosion and stain resistance as Duranar liquid coatings.
Duranar powder coatings are formulated with color pigmentation that is screened extensively and has a 40-year track record of performance and durability on thousands of buildings around the world, in virtually every type of climate. Also, Duranar powder coatings are applied using a proprietary, multi-coat system with a primer and a hard powder-film topcoat. This produces a thermoplastic bond between the coating and the metal substrate that delivers protection, adhesion and colorfastness, even in extreme environments such as seacoast exposure.
Duranar powder coatings are available exclusively through members of the PPG Certified Applicator Program (PPG/CAP), a group of commercial coating applicators certified by PPG to apply high-performance fluoropolymer coatings to aluminum architectural components.
As with Duranar liquid coatings, Duranar powder coatings can be formulated in small batches, enabling architects to specify custom colors economically, and they are covered by the same 20-year warranty.