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Durr and Henkel cooperate

December 4, 2008

Dürr and Henkel cooperate
on dip coating technology
Henkel and Dürr have joined together to further develop Henkel’s patented Aquence technology, an autophoretic dip coating process that needs no heavy metals whatever and thus reduces impact on the environment.
The two companies will begin their cooperation in the non-automotive field, where Henkel has already introduced the Aquence process. Dürr’s PSI (Paint Systems Industrial) product line and Henkel will coordinate their efforts to realize optimization potential not only in the chemical process but also in plant and equipment technology and in streamlining the process. Aquence technology replaces the combination of pretreatment and electro-dipping with a single stage process.
Aquence utilizes an auto deposition process that generates corrosion protection coatings of variable film thicknesses. Autophoretic deposition occurs, without the need to electrically charge the parts, out of an aqueous organic emulsion directly onto degreased material surfaces. No special form of pretreatment of the parts, such as phosphate or chromate coating, is necessary. When applied, the Aquence process generates coating of surfaces containing iron only while plastic materials remain uncoated. This makes it possible not only to coat complex structures evenly, both internally and externally, but also complete assemblies of parts made of different materials.
The Aquence process is also environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals and emits virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With Aquence waste is reduced considerably and reduced energy consumption is also a positive aspect of the new technology. It replaces the classic electro-dipping process, which works with electrical charging, with a non-electrical process. Additionally, Aquence helps to lower the cost of painting by reducing the number of process stages and streamlining the process.