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February 2, 2009

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select mixing equipment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Arde Barinco, Inc.

Carlstadt, NJ
(800) 909-6070
Fax: (201) 784-0483
E-mail: abmix@ardeinc.com
Web site: www.abmixer.com

Product name: Model D-6000 Dispershear
Attributes/comments: Model D-6000 Dispershear can disperse dry powders into liquids such as pigments, thickeners and resins into aqueous- or solvent-based suspensions. By continuously wetting out powders, problems of lumping, dusting and incomplete dispersion are eliminated.

Charles Ross and Son Company

Hauppauge, NY
(631) 234-0500
Fax: (631) 234-0691
E-mail: sales@mixers.com
Web site: www.mixers.com

Product name: Model 42HD Horizontal Paste Mixer
Attributes/comments: Model 42 HD 500 gallon horizontal paste mixer features a heavy duty paddle agitator running at speeds up to 38 rpm, driven by a 75 hp explosion proof motor; variable frequency inverter to vary speed, type 304 stainless steel parts; 150-psi stainless steel segmented jacket for heating and cooling; domed cover with hydraulic lift cylinders and multiple openings and discharge pump driven by a 20 hp motor. The mixer is also mounted on load cells to enable accurate weighing of each of the components included in the formulation being mixed. A NEMA 4X readout for the load cells is included with the mixer. Models are available ranging from 100 to 1,000 gallons capacity.

Conn and Company LLC

Warren, PA
(814) 723-7980
Fax: (814) 723-8502
E-mail: rcfreeman@connblade.com
Web site: www.connblade.com

Draiswerke, Inc.

Mahwah, NJ
(201) 847-0600
Fax: (201) 847-0606
E-mail: salesinfo@draiswerke-inc.com
Web site: www.draiswerke-inc.com

Product name: Drais Turbulent SuperFlusher
Attributes/comments: The Drais Turbulent SuperFlusher is a batch, heavy-duty horizontal mixer. It is designed to properly mix and knead press cake providing the energy to drive the water from the press cake. Additionally, the Turbulent Super�Flasher mixing paddles impart the necessary shear for dispersion and drying of the press cake and allows easy standardization of the dispersion and easy product discharge.�

Product name: Drais DDA Direct Dispersion System
Attributes/comments: The DDA is an extremely efficient pre-dispersion device, which eliminates the need for a conventional pre-mix tank, disperser and pump. The DDA directly feeds the grinding mill with feed which is more homogenous than it would be if made in batch tanks with a disperser. This lends itself to greater consistency. Solids and liquids meet at exact ratios and immediately put under high shear. Special design Drais feed inlet prevents bringing of solids for smooth, reliable operation.


New York, NY 
(704) 948-1257
Fax: (212) 202-4526
E-mail: disti@disti.net
Web site: www.disti.net

Product name: Kreis-Dissolver
Attributes/comments: Kreis-Dissolvers (high performance dispersion machines with capacities of 2.2-25- kW) are suitable for mixing, dispersing, solving and evacuating medium- to high-viscosity products of the paint and lacquer industry and the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector.

Product name: Kreis-Basket-Mill
Attributes/comments: Kreis-Basket-Mills (high performance mill for fine grinding in batch operation) are suitable for fine dispersing/fine grinding of products of the paint and lacquer industry and the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector.

Eiger Machinery, Inc.�

Grayslake, IL 
(847) 548-0044
Fax: (847) 548-0099
E-mail: sales@eigeruscom
Web site: www.eigerus.com

Product name: Eiger Machinery Mixer/Disperser � Electric Lift
Attributes/comments: A new Eiger Laboratory Mixer/Disperser is available with an electronic lift for accurately positioning the mixing head. Precise electronic speed control for efficient mixing and energy transfer. Batch sizes from 250 mls to 20 liters typical. Available with 0.5 to 3 horsepower.

Hockmeyer Equipment

Elizabeth City, NC
(252) 338-4705
Fax: (252) 338-6540
E-mail: mambrose@hockmeyer.com
Web site: www.hockmeyer.com

Product name: HCP S Series Immersion Mill
Attributes/comments: Hockmeyer introduces its new high viscosity HCPS Immersion Mill, which is capable of milling viscosities to 400,000 cps. This model is supplied with a sidewall scraper, an anchor helix scraper blade, as well as an upper draft tube auger.�

Jaygo, Inc.

Union, NJ
(908) 668-3600 x170
Fax: (908) 688-6060
Web site: www.jaygoinc.com

Product name: Titan Double Planetary Mixer with High Speed Disperser
Attributes/comments: The Titan double planetary mixer with high speed disperser from Jaygo is particularly well suited for intensive mixing and dispersing of medium- to high-viscosity products that incorporate liquids and powders, such as specialty paints, coatings, inks and pastes. The new design of the Titan has been modernized and enhanced through the use of specially designed planetary agitators that prevent product climb and minimize product stratification. Shaft seals have been simplified for easier cleaning and replacement. Machined mixing bowl sidewalls and bottoms allow for optimal scraping during mixing for maximum heat transfer.

Microfluidics' M-110PS

Microfluidics International Corp.

Newton, MA
(617) 969-5452
Fax: (617) 965-1213
Web site: www.microfluidicscorp.com

Product name: M-110P Family
Attributes/comments: The new M-110P, M-110P-20S and M-110PS deliver all the features and benefits of the ground-breaking M-110P bench-top lab machine, while adding new capabilities and benefits to address unique needs.

Myers' 500/500/500 Tri-Shaft

Myers Engineering, Inc.

Bell, CA
(323) 560-4723
Fax: (323) 771-7789
E-mail: sales@myersmixer.com
Web site: www.myersmixer.com

Product name: 500/500/500 Tri-Shaft
Attributes/comments: The machine was designed to handle a severe torque requirement. This super heavy duty tri-shaft was designed to handle over 6,000,000 centipoise. The bridge construction and special tapered bearing housings will provide reliability far over most machines of this magnitude. It is exceeding the performance of the older style planetary mixers and is actually less costly to purchase and operate.

Netzsch Fine Particle Technology, LLC

Exton, PA
(484) 879-2020
Fax: (610) 280-1299
E-mail: info@npt.netzsch.com
Web site: www.netzschusa.com

Product name: ψ-Mix (PSI Mixer)
Attributes/comments: The Netzsch ψ-Mix achieves unmatched homogeneous pre-dispersion results when fine powders are rapidly wetted in a large liquid surface. Through the machine's high dispersion capability, higher pigment concentrations and more efficient processing are guaranteed.

Product name: PMD-VC
Attributes/comments: The patented Netzsch Mastermix PMD-VC (pre-mixer disperser) is a totally enclosed automated dispersion processing system for batch sizes ranging from 50-10,000 liters and larger, for low to high viscosity dispersion and for high shear dispersion/low speed agitation.

Premier Mill, an SPX Process Equipment Operation

Reading, PA
(610) 779-9500
Fax: (610) 779-9666
E-mail: premiermill@processequipment.spx.com
Web site: www.spxpe.com

Product name: Premier Mill PSM Submersible Basket Type Media Mill
Attributes/comments: The Premier PSM Submersible Mills is an exceptionally versatile media mill that has redefined batch dispersion systems and can be applied to a wide range of processing industries. Premixing, dispersions, compounding and dilution are all accomplished in a single unit that requires less space, time and energy to achieve greater results.

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