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April 6, 2009

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select lab equipment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC

Chicago, IL
(773) 327-4520
Fax: (773) 327-5787
E-mail: info@atlas-mts.com
Web site: www.atlas-mts.com

New Product: Suntest SXLS+

Attributes/comments: Atlas has recently redesigned the Suntest SXLS+ table top xenon exposure system with improved functionality and easier operation. Offering advanced performance capabilities, the XLS+ features include an 1100 cm2 exposure area, specimen spray option and multi-lingual touch screen.

Arizona Instrument LLC

Chandler, AZ
(602) 470-1414
Fax: (480) 804-0656
E-mail: sales@azic.com
Web site: www.azic.com

New Product: Computrac Max 4000XL

Attributes/comments: The Comp�utrac Max 4000XL provides the latest in rapid Loss on Drying technology available. With improved performance and quicker throughput, along with many new features and operator control, the Max 4000XL provides excellent repeatability and correlation to existing methods.

New product: Computrac Max 5000XL

Attributes/comments: The Comp�utrac Max 5000XL moisture and ash analyzer features a high temperature lift compensation algorithm, in additional to a temperature ramp control feature that allows the instrument to be used for qualitative analyses that were previously only possible using a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA).

Brookfield Engineering

Middleboro MA
(508) 946-6200, (800) 628-8139
Fax: (508) 946-6262
E-mail: sales@brookfieldengineering.com
Web site: www.brookfieldengineering.com

New product: Brookfield DV-II+Pro Extra Viscometer

Attributes/comments: Brookfield VD-II+Pro added extras�ball bearing suspension system, EZ-lock spindle coupling, quick action lab stand. These productivity boosters will improve efficiency in the lab and save money. Brookfield adds value by offering Rheocalc software free with new DV-II+Pro Extra in 2009.

DeFelsko Corporation

Ogdensburg, NY
(315) 393-4450
Fax: (315) 393-8471
E-mail: techsale@defelsko.com
Web site: www.defelsko.com

New product: PosiTest AT-A Automatic Adhesion Tester

Attributes/comments: The new PostiTest AT-A automatic adhesion tester measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other substrates and now features an electronically controlled hydraulic pump. The new electric pump applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure at user-selectable rates.

Eiger Machinery, Inc.

Grayslake, IL 
(847) 548-0044
Fax: (847) 548-0099
E-mail: sales@eigerus.com
Web site: www.eigerus.com

New product: Laboratory Pilot Mill

Attributes/comments: The Pilot Mill includes an electronically controlled product feed pump and agitator for precise control of the milling process. Ideal for laboratory samples or small batch production. Now available with in-lin pre-disperser for improved handling of dispersions. Chambers from 125 mls to 2 liters available. Media size down to 0.3 mm can be used.


Reston, VA
(703) 471-6870
Fax: (703) 471-4237
E-mail: info@hunterlab.com
Web site: www.hunterlab.com

New product: MiniScan EZ

Attributes/comments: The new Mini�Scan EZ is a portable, reflected-color measurement spectrophotometer. It is light weight and features a rubberized handle that provides sure-handed carrying and use. A button pad is built into the handle to five simple thumb-tip navigation.

Lehmann Mills Inc.

Salem, OH
(330) 332-9951
Fax: (330) 332-2208
E-mail: info@lehmannmills.com
Web site: www.lehmannmills.com

Attributes/comments: Lehmann Mills designs, manufactures and rebuilds roller mills and automated systems that are unique to its customer's purposes. It facility provides full service, close-tolerance contract manufacturing of equipment. Lehmann Mills has introduced instrumentation that monitors processing conditions such as temperature, pressure, level and speed.

Myers Engineering

Bell, CA
(323) 560-4723
Fax: (323) 773-8747
Web site: www.myersmixer.com

New product: Lab Press

Attributes/comments: Myers created a lift to discharge press system to handle multiple sets of tanks and plates. Different sized press plates are easily changed to be used with three separate tank diameters. The material is a heavy silicone coating and varies just enough to require different batch sizes and handling. The press operates hydraulically but is lifted electrically. The system saves floor space and capital expense by eliminating multiple press stations.

Netzsch Fine Particle Technology, LLC

Exton, PA
(484) 879-2020
Fax: (610) 280-1299
E-mail: info@npt.netzsch.com
Web site: www.netzsch-grinding.com

New product: Netzsch Machinery Dispersers

Attributes/comments: Netzsch Machinery Dispersers (NMD) provide variable speed control for low- to medium-viscosity products. The line is immediately available for delivery for industrial manufacturers that do not need custom-designed systems. The NMD is designed for optimum strength and stability and a well-balanced dispersion.

New product: LabStar Disc Mill Conversion Kit

Attributes/comments: Netzsch's LabStar conversion kit allows users to choose between the TriNEx or Zeta grinding systems, as well as various batch sizes ranging from 75 mL to 500 mL. As with all Netzsch lab-sized machines, LabStar allows for exact scale-up to full-size production.

Charles Ross and Son Company

Happauge, NY
(631) 234-0500
Fax: (631) 234-0691
E-mail: sales@mixers.com
Web site: www.mixers.com

New Product: LPD Mixer

Attributes/comments: Charles Ross and Son now offers complete skid mounted static mixing systems. The available mixer designs include the LPD, a low-pressure model typically used for low viscosity turbulent flow mixing of fluids and for gas-liquid mixing.This design is offered in many materials of construction and to 48 inches diameter.These mixers are easily customized to include special feed nozzles and injectors for major and minor product streams.

New Product: ISG Mixer

Attributes/comments: The ISG mixer includes specially machined elements with passageways that guarantee the mixing of any pumpable material.After passing through ten elements the ISG will layer materials over 2,000,000 times to provide a microscopically layered mixture. ISG elements are stackable in any quantity to provide mixing quality as needed in the process.The ISG is supplied in a range of cast or machined materials to suit the application through 12 inches diameter.

Q-Lab Corporation

800 Canterbury Road
Cleveland,OH 44145 USA
Tel: 440-835-8700
Fax: 440-835-8738
Email: info@q-lab.com
Website: www.q-lab.com

Product name: Q-Panel Standard Test Panels

Attributes/comments: Q-Panel steel and aluminum panels are pre-cleaned, with a 1/4" (6 mm) hole. Our inventory of over a million test panels means that 95% of our orders are shipped from stock. For over 50 years, Q-Panel brand test panels have been recognized as the world standard for a consistent and uniform test surface for paint tests.

Taber Industries

North Tonawanda, NY
(716) 694-4000; (800) 333-5300
Fax: (716) 694-1450
E-mail: jaenecke_a@taberindustries.com
Web site: www.taberindustries.com

Product name: Taber Reciprocating Abraser Model 5900

Attributes/comments: The Taber Reciprocating Abraser (Model 5900) can be configured to evaluate resistance to wear, scratch, mar, scrape, rub, plus other physical properties. A sliding platform moves in a horizontal, reciprocating motion under a stationary tool holder to which optional attachments and weights may be secured. The counterbalanced arm pivots on an adjustable height gantry system and ensures precise test load set-up without concern for the weight of the test attachment. The system is expandable and can accommodate two additional test arm kits, permitting up to three tests to be performed simultaneously.

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