2009 Top Companies Report

July 13, 2009

Once again, Coatings World brings the industry The Top Companies Report-the only truly global ranking of the top manufacturers of paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants.

Our editorial staff has spent long hours researching the industry to provide you with the most accurate ranking of paint and coatings manufacturers operating in the global industry. Rankings are based on annual sales in U.S. dollars. For companies based outside the U.S., sales are translated into U.S. dollars using exchange rates from the company's fiscal closing date. For privately-held companies, our staff interviews different industry sources to come up with an accurate estimate of annual sales. All told, we profiled 64 companies in this report. All have sales of $100 million annually.

Consolidation continues to shape the industry. After the dust settled from last year's blockbuster deals-AkzoNobel's purchase of ICI and PPG's purchase of SigmaKalon-the revenues for these two firms have risen sharply. AkzoNobel maintains it lead role and PPG has moved into the number two slot. While I was researching this year's report I took a look back at the list of top companies from ten years ago and it was interesting to compare. Some companies are still here, some long gone. Take a look for yourself at the lists below. I wonder what it will look like ten years from now?

Our Top Companies Report is intended to provide our readers with a snapshot of the industry's most influential players. We hope you will come away with a clearer insight into the future of this truly global and always evolving industry.

Tim Wright

2009 Top 20

01 AkzoNobel
02 PPG
03 Henkel
04 Sherwin-Williams
05 DuPont
07 RPM
08 Valspar
09 Sika
10 Kansai Paint
11 Nippon Paint
12 3M
13 Jotun
14 DAW
15 Masco
16 Comex
17 HB Fuller
18 Hempel
19 Beckers
20 Asian Paints

21 Shawcor
22 Chogoku Marine Paints
23 Tikkurila
24 Benjamin Moore
25 Dai Nippon Toryo
26 Brillux GmbH and Co. KG
27 Forbo
28 Orica
29 Heios
30 Fujikura Kasei Co. Ltd.

31 Arch Chemicals, Inc.
32 Freeworld Coatings
33 The Wattyl Group
34 Berger Pains India Ltd.
35 National Paints
36 Cloverdale Paint Inc.
37 Rohm & Haas Co.
38 Dunn Edwards Corp.
39 National Paints
40 JW Ostendorf GmbH & Co. Kg

41 CIN Group
42 Dyrup A/S
43 Altana AG
44 Kelly-Moore
45 Flugger Group
46 Tiger Coatings GmbH & Co. KG
47 TOA Group
48 Industrias Titan S.A.
49 Shinto Paint Co. Ltd.
50 Rock Paint

51 KCC
52 Yasar
53 Renner Sayerlack
54 FLH Group
55 Yung Chi
56 Boero Group
57 Boysen
58 Grebe Group
59 Tambour
60 ICA Group

61 Inver SpA
62 Tohpe
63 Diamond Vodel Paints
64 Empils

1999 Top 20

01 AkzoNobel
02 Sherwin-Williams
03 ICI
04 PPG
05 Henkel
06 DuPont
08 Herberts
09 RPM
10 Nippon Paint
11 Kansai Paint
12 HB Fuller
13 Total
14 Valspar
15 Morton International
16 Sigma
17 Ferro
18 Becker Group
19 Benjamin Moore
20 Jotun