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PPG Introduces BPA-free Packaging Coatings to Chinese Aerosol Industry

January 11, 2010

PPG has launched the Monobloc Dev­elopment Project, aiming to upgrade its internal and external coating solutions for aerosol cans to the Chinese market. The development of BPA-free powder internal coatings will help to make low-thickness application possible. For external coatings, PPG has developed a high-performance waterborne overprint varnish, which offers glossy, matte or soft-touch effects. PPG has a packaging coatings production facility in Suzhou, established in 1993. This facility produces coatings applied to aerosol cans, beer and beverage cans, food cans, general line cans, metal drums, tubes and metal lids. PPG is working with enterprises such as ORG MC, Wangwang, Fuzhen Group, Fujian Shengxing Group, COFCO, Pacific Group, Ball Group, Crown Group, Lulu, Coca-Cola, Baoyi, Wahaha and Wanglaoji. PPG’s operation in Suzhou is the only packaging coatings manufacturer in China currently capable of providing a complete coatings service to canneries, and it was the first in China to gain ISO9001 International Quality System certification.