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ISP launches "greener" biocides

February 8, 2010

ISP Performance Chemicals has launched a new series of “greener” biocides offered under the Nuosept trade name that function as broad spectrum protection products for water-based industrial formulations, such as coatings and adhesives. Nuosept BMc 422, offered as a greener biocide than previous generations of Nuosept products, features a synergistic combination of isothizolones for the prevention of Gram (-) and Gram (+) bacteria as well as fungi. A second product called Nuosept W Concentrate is classified as a low environmental impact biocide formulated with CMIT/MIT and Bronopol for broad spectrum protection at low use levels. Both biocides prevent microbial spoilage without contributing to the VOC or formaldehyde of the products preserved.

Nuosept BMc 422 is produced from a synergistic blend of BIT, MIT and very low levels of CIT. This broad spectrum preservative is active against microbes, bacteria and fungi at use levels ranging from 0.05-0.5 percent by weight. The aqueous solution of actives will not contribute to the VOC of the product preserved and contains no formaldehyde Nuosept BMc 422 is demonstrated as an in-can preservation system for water-based paints and coatings systems, aqueous polymer emulsions and latex systems, adhesives and sealants and many other industrial and institutional formulations.
Nuosept W Concentrate Broad Spec­trum Preservative is a broad spectrum preservative that combines the antimicrobial effects of CIT/MIT and Bronopol at higher concentrations than other commercial offerings, providing formulators with options for reducing cost-in-use.  This concentrated aqueous solution of actives is effective at very low use levels. Typical use levels for the preservation of adhesives, tackifiers, coatings and detergents range from 0.025-0.1% by weight. Nuosept W Concentrate will not contribute to the VOC of the product preserved and does not contain a formaldehyde donor.

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