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March 15, 2010

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select testing equipment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

ACT Test Panels LLC

Hillsdale, MI
(517) 439-1485
Fax: (517) 439-1652
E-mail: sales@acttestpanels.com
Web site: www.aacttestpanels.com

Product Name: ACT Test Panels

Attributes/comments: Major automakers, OEMs, and coating and finishing manufacturers specify ACT Test Panels for their critical R&D, product qualification, and process certification efforts. From approved test panels for the rigorous demands of developing automotive and industrial coatings, to specialized solutions for appliance and aerospace, more customers choose ACT to give them exactly what they need to win.

Product Name: ACT Test Services

Attributes/comments: Offering a wide range of testing services including paint adhesion, hardness, cure, accelerated corrosion resistance, visual appearance, and weathering.ACT's pilot lab is the perfect environment for automotive lubricant and sealer compatibility testing with phosphate, ecoat, and both liquid and powder paint systems.

Product Name: ACT Scribe Table

Attributes/comments: Eliminate scribe depth variability and reduce risk of injury with ACT's professionally crafted scribe table. The butcher block top provides a solid surface with a pivoting panel holder to allow both straight and cross-cut scribes.Simply add the appropriate amount of weight to the scribe arm and pull the handle. If you are scribing galvanized material this table is a must.

Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC

Chicago, IL
(773) 327-4520
Fax: (773) 327-5787
E-mail: info@atlas-mts.com
Web site: www.atlas-mts.com

Product Name: UVTest  Fluorescent UV Testing Device

Attributes/comments: Atlas introduces the UVTest, a stackable UV fluorescent testing device. With state-of-the-art optical and temperature sensor technology, the UVTest is a low coat, economical, entry-level device for performing artificial weathering testing. Features include simple touch screen functionality and play-and-play operation.

Product Name: LS-200 Full Spectrum Monitoring Device

Attributes/comments: The LS-200 Full Spectrum Monitoring device helps customers show objective evidence that they are in compliance with test specifications during ISO 17025 quality audits. For use in Ci Series Weather-Ometers to precisely measure the SPD output of the xenon lamp.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories

Middleboro, MA
(800) 628-8139
Fax: (508) 946-6262
E-mail: marketing@brookfieldengineering.com
Web site: www.brookfieldengineering.com

Product name: PFT  Powder Flow Tester

Attributes/comments: Brookfield expands processing industry with Powder Flow Tester. Developed in cooperation with the Wolfson Centre at the University Greenwich, UK. Instrument delivers quick/easy analysis of powder flow behavior. Ideal for manufacturers to eliminate the downtime/expense of erratic powder discharge from hoppers.

Product name: CAP 1000+ and CAP 2000+ Viscometers

Attributes/comments: The versatility of the CAP 1000+ and CAP 2000+ makes these instruments a practical tool for R&D and more detailed QC testing. It provides viscosity flow curves and temperature profiles (using optional Capcalc32 Software). Perfect for painting and coatings industry.

CAS-MI Laboratories

Ypsilanti, MI
(888) 772-9000
Fax: (734) 483-0085
E-mail: solutions@cas-mi.com
Web site: www.cas-mi.com

Product name: CAS-MI Innovation Center

Attributes/comments: The newly launched CAS-MI Innovation Center helps entrepreneurs and established companies create new paints, coatings and other specialty formulated products. Independent research and development services include idea generation, product characterization, formulation development and scale-up manufacturing.


Fairfield, NC
(513) 860-1598
Fax: (513) 860-1597
E-mail: bbresser@chemsultants.com
Web site: www.cheminstruments.com

Product name: Adhesives Test Equipment

Attributes/comments: Equipment to test peel adhesion, tack, release and shear properties of adhesives.
Product name: Laboratory Sample Coating and Laminating Equipment
Attributes/comments: Drawdown coaters, hotmelt coaters, sample cutters and rollers, coating substrates and bench top laminators.

CSM Instruments, Inc.

Needham, MA
(781) 444-2250
Fax: (781) 444-2251
E-mail: usinfo@csm-instruments.com
Web site: www.csm-instruments.com

Product name: CSM Instruments Table Top Nanoindentation Tester (TTX-NHT)

Attributes/comments: The Table Top Nanoidentation Tester combines all the advantages of the standard Nanoidentation Tester into a small and easy-to-use instrument. It's specifically designed for mechanical hardness testing. This cost-effective solution meets the ISO 14577 and ASTM E2546 standards.

Product name: CSM Instruments Ultra Nanoidentation Tester (UNHT)

Attributes/comments: The UNHT corresponds to a high resolution Nanoidentation system with extreme accuracy and extremely low thermal drift. It makes it especially suited for applications such as polymeric materials, very thin layers and soft tissues. Its range of load can be wide but it is better suited for low loads (<10mN).

DeFelsko Corporation

Ogdensburg, NY
(315) 393-4450, (800) 448-3835
Fax: (315) 393-8471
E-mail: techsale@defelsko.com
Web site: www.defelsko.com

Product name: PosiTest Automatic Adhesion Tester

Attributes/comments: The new PosiTest AT-A Automatic Adhesion Tester measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substrates and now features an electronically controlled hydraulic pump. The new electric pump applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure at user-selectable rates. Test with the simple push of a button. No twisting, pumping or cranking required.

Elcometer Inc.

Rochester Hills, MI
(800) 521-0635
Fax: (248) 650-0501
E-mail: sales@elcometerusa.com
Web site: www.elcometer.com

Product name: Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter

Attributes/comments: The Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter has been designed to measure and record all the relevant climatic parameters required to determine whether conditions are suitable for painting. The hand-held meter is user-friendlyand features intuitive, multi-lingual menu structure with large, customer definable illuminated display; rugged design; dustproof and waterproof equivalent to IP66 with fully sealed sensors, suitable for use in the harshest environments; integrated high power magnets; gauge can be attached to any ferrous object without the need for additional equipment; versatile instrument; remote data logging monitor in a single gauge and high/low limits can be set against any or all parameters, with visual and audible alarms when limits are exceeded. The standard gauge has a 10 reading rolling memory. The top gauge has the added advantage of a large inbuilt memory to accurately record each measurement, storing up to 40,000 sets of reading in 999 batches. It also features wireless connectivity from the gauge to a PC. Data can be downloaded using ElcoMaster Software. Using ElcoMaster Mobile Softwareallows data to be e-mailed directly to the office from the field using a PDA.

Product name: Elcometer 550 Uncured Powder Coating Thickness Gauge

Attributes/comments: The Elcometer 550 offers the user an unrivaled approach to measureing uncured powder thickness  without touching the powder. The Elcometer 550 is designed to provide the user with the correct value of the cured film thickness by the measurement of the uncured powder thickness, enabling the application system (powder guns, line speed, etc.) to be set up and fine tuned. The gauge has been designed for measuring the thickness of uncured powder coatings on smooth flat or curved metallic surfaces such as steel and aluminum. The shrinkage that occurs when the powder cures in the oven is allowed for in the calibration of the gauge and the thickness displayed is the final coating thickness after cure.

Extech Instruments

Waltham, MA
(784) 890-7440
Web site: www.extech.com

Product name: 382275 600 Watt Switching Mode DC Bench Power Supply (120V)

Attributes/comments: The 382275 600 Watt Switching Mode DC Bench Power Supply (120V) from  Extech is an easy-to-configure, highly stable, lab grade DC power supply with maximum output power of 600W. With easy-to-read LED power displays the 382275 offers four operating modes and automatic constant current and voltage. It is ideal for quality control, general R&D testing and circuit troubleshooting, telecommunication production testing, circuit bias power, sub-assembly test and instructional lab use.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Elizabeth City, NC
(800) 906-7278
Fax: (252) 338-6540
E-mail: sales@hockmeyer.com
Web site: www.hockmeyer.com

Hoover Color Corp.

Hiwassee, VA
(540) 980-7233
Fax: (540) 980-8781
E-mail: hoover@hoovercolor.com
Web site: www.hoovercolor.com

Product name: Hoover Automatic Muller

Attributes/comments: Pigment mulling with the Hoover automatic muller is easy accurate and uniform It is recognized in both ASTM and ISO standards as an approved way to prepare samples for color evaluation. The Muller is used universally throughout the pigment, ink, coatings, cosmetic, plastic and electronic industries.

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

Ramsey, NJ
E-mail: marketing@se.konicaminolta.us
Web site: www.konicaminolta.com/sensingusa

New product: CM-5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Attributes/comments: Konica Minolta Sensing has launched the CM-5 benchtop spectrophotometer for use in the paint and coatings industry. The CM-5 is a full featured, highly accurate and a totally standalone instrument that does not require a PC.The CM-5 can display everything from numeric data, spectral graphs and colorimetric plots, making a PC for basic color control a thing of the past. The versatility of the top port design can support the measurement of solid objects, pills, granules, liquids and pastes. It also integrates a sliding body panel to expose its large transmittance chamber capable of measuring films or plates up to 60 mm thick. The sliding panel design, with no sides, allows for the measurement of an objects with no length limitation.

Little Joe Industries

Hillsborough, NJ
(908) 359-5213
Fax: (908) 359-5724
E-mail: info@littlejoe.com
Web site: www.littlejoe.com

Product name: ADM-2 Automatic Draw Down Machine

Attributes/comments: The ADM-2 removes operator variables for using grind gages. Scraper angle, force and speed are tightly controlled compared to manual operation. The ADM-2 guarantees conformance to ASTM D 1316 and ASTM D 1210 for proper use of grind gage.


Irvine, CA
Fax: 949-461-9232
E-mail: info@nanovea.com
Web site: www.nanovea.com

New product: Nanovea Compact Mechanical Tester

Attributes/comments: The Compact Mechanical Tester provides unmatched multi-function nano and micro/macro modules interchangeable on a single platform. Both the nano and micro/macro modules include scratch tester, hardness tester and wear tester modes providing the widest range of testing in the industry on a single module.

Taber Industries

North Tonawanda, NY
(716) 694-4000; (800) 333-5300
Fax: (716) 694-1450
E-mail: sales@taberindustries.com
Web site: www.taberindustries.com

Product name: Heavy Duty Linear Abraser  Model 5800

Attributes/comments: Taber's Heavy Duty Linear Abraser is used to evaluate the material properties of durable surface finishes, including Teflon non-stick coatings used on cookware. The instrument includes five preset speeds, an adjustable stroke length that can be set to 13 inches and weight discs for standard loads ranging from 500 to 4,550 grams. With an integrated specimen table, finished product can be tested eliminating the need to prepare special test coupons. As supplied, a Scotch-Brite abrasive pad is affixed to a holder and rubbed over the specimen surface.Optional accessories permit testing with other Taber abradants or scratch tools.

Product name: Crockmeter  Model 418

Attributes/comments: The Crockmeter is a relatively simple rub tester commonly used to determine a product's ability to withstand repeated rubbing. Manually operated, a cloth affixed to a 16 mm diameter rod and moved back and forth over a flat specimen surface at a pressure of 900 grams. A counter records total strokes and endpoint is commonly measured as change in gloss due to rubbing, scuffing or marring. Taber's Model 418 Crockmeter is built with a rugged aluminum housing, and integrated 9N load and non-skid rubber feet.An arm guide/rest assists with test set-up.

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