Ecology Coatings patents COATING for METAL

March 16, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,498,362 B2
Ecology Coatings has been granted a patent for an actinic radiation curable, substantially all solids composition comprised of a mixture of approximately 15-45% by weight of an oligomer or a multiplicity of oligomers; 30-65% by weight of a monomer or multiplicity of monomers; 2-10% by weight of a photoinitiator or a multiplicity of photoinitiators; 0.1-5% by weight of nano-alumina; and about 0.01-2% by weight of a corrosion inhibitor or a multiplicity of corrosion inhibitors; wherein the cured composition is a slick, abrasion and scratch resistant coating with at least 6 H hardness; and wherein thermal curing is not required to attain the at least 6 H hardness.