Powder Coating Composition

April 6, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,485,674 B2
Toyo Aluminum Kabushiki Kaisha has obtained a patent for a powder coating composition comprised of powder coating particle including thermosetting resin powder, an adhesive binder, and a flake pigment bound to a surface of the thermosetting resin powder by means of the binder; wherein the powder coating particle has an average particle size of at most 100 μm based on D50 conversion, a bonding ratio between the thermosetting resin powder and the flake pigment is in a range from 90-100%, and the adhesive binder is of at least one selected from the group consisting of terpene resins, terpene/phenol resins, terpene hydrogenated resins, and terpene/phenol hydrogenated resins.