Biocides, Fungicides & Algicides

May 1, 2010

Here is a look at offerings from select suppliers of biocides, fungicides, algicides and related products. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Arch Chemicals, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Fax: 866-705-0465
E-mail: sales@archbiocides.com
Web site: www.archbiocides.com

Product name: Proxel BZ Plus Preservative
Attributes/Comments: This unique combination offers a dual mode of action for inhibiting microbial growth in latex emulsions, water-based paints, adhesives and pigment dispersions – preventing discoloration and providing the extra protection users need against mold, mildew and bacteria. Features include: color-stable formulations, dual action protection, zero VOCs, CMIT/MIT and formaldehyde-free, long-term preservation and broad spectrum activity.

Dow Microbial Control
Buffalo Grove, IL
Fax: 989-832-1465
E-mail: biocides@dow.com
Web: www.dowmicrobialcontrol.com

Product Name: Bioban IPBC 20 LE
Attributes/Comments: Bioban IPBC 20 LE is a 20% 1, 2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (IPBC) solution for use in dry-film protection applications. Utilizing our patent-pending LE (low emission) technology IPBC 20 LE boasts broad-spectrum biocidal activity, while containing low-to-no VOC content.

Product Name: Bioban IPBC 40 LE
Attributes/Comments: Bioban IPBC 40 LE is a low-VOC, low-viscosity 1, 2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (IPBC) formulation, in concentrated form. This broad-spectrum fungicide is optimized for use in dry-film applications. Utilizing patent-pending LE technology, Bioban IPBC 40 LE exhibits excellent attributes such as easy pumping, no settling of solids and low freezing point temperature, while containing low-to-no VOC content.

International Specialty Products (ISP)
Wayne, NJ
Fax: 973-628-3311
E-mail: aficon@ispcorp.com
Web site: www.ispcoatings.com

Product name: Nuosept BMc Broad Spectrum Preservative
Attributes/Comments: This broad spectrum preservative is active against microbes, bacteria and fungi. The in-can preservative system for water-based paints and coatings, aqueous polymer emulsions and latex systems, adhesives and sealants and many other industrial and institutional formulations will not contribute to the VOC of the product preserved and contains no formaldehyde.

Product Name: Nuospet W Concentrate Broad Spectrum Preservative
Attributes/Comments: This broad spectrum preservative combines the antimicrobial effects of CIT/MIT and Bronopol at higher concentrations than other commercial offerings, providing formulators with options for reducing cost-in-use. This concentrated aqueous solution of actives is effective at very low levels for the preservation of adhesives, tackifiers, coatings and detergents.

Troy Corp.
Florham Park, NJ
Fax: 973-443-0843
E-mail: marketing@troycorp.com
Web site: www.troycorp.com

Product name: Polyphase 663
Comments/Attributes: Polyphase 663 is a broad spectrum fungicide/algicide product that provides state-of-the-art dry film protection to paints, coatings, caulks, sealants, stuccos, EIFS and similar exterior products. This water-based dispersion is VOC-free, color stable, non-chalking and carries a low hazard profile.

Product name: Polyphase 678
Comments/Attributes: Polyphase 678 is a broad spectrum fungicide that provide powerful dry film protection to paints, coatings, caulks, sealants, adhesives and many construction products. This water-based, zero-VOC dispersion carries a low hazard profile making it especially beneficial for interior applications.

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