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DSM Powder Coating Resins Launches Two New Resins

May 1, 2010

DSM Powder Coating Resins has introduced two new resins that provide improvements on several properties of dry blend powder. Cus­tomers’ demand for matt finishes has led DSM to develop a resin system which combines good mechanical properties and outdoor durability with excellent gloss consistency, according to the company. Uralac P 837 (3% HAA) and Uralac P877 (7% HAA) are both designed for dry blend powder coating formulations while exhibiting  improved properties such as increased outdoor durability, higher impact resistance, improved flow properties and better gloss consistency. This, in addition to a reduced sparkling effect and good blanching properties, meets customers’ needs for dry blend systems for matt coatings. More info: DSM Powder Coating Resins, +31 (0) 38 750 25 30; E-mail: powdercoating.resins@dsm.com; Web: www.dsm.com.