Wayne Pigments Patents Corrosion Inhibitor

June 1, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,662,241 B2
Wayne Pigment Corp. has  received a patent for a process for protecting an aluminum substrate or a steel substrate against corrosion comprised of providing an aluminum surface to be protected, applying to the surface a protective composition comprised of a pigment grade corrosion inhibitor composition, the protective composition being formed by reacting an organic compound from a group consisting of di-mercapto and poly-mercapto derivatives and their derivatives, with a cationic species selected from a group consisting of Bi(III), Co(II), Cd(II), Ag(I), Sb(III), Ni(II), Li(I), La(III) and Pr(IID). The protective corrosion inhibitor composition has a limited solubility in water of between approximately 0.01 and 1,000 mmoles/ per liter of water,  whereby the corrosion inhibitor is capable of preventing corrosion for at least 2000 hours in salt spray exposure conditions.

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