Process For The Production or Coating of Granules

August 2, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,732,008 B2
Evonik Degussa has been granted a patent for a process for the production or coating of granules in a fluidized bed, comprised of heating a fluidized-bed gas to produce the fluidized bed, wherein the fluidized-bed gas comprises an inert gas that does not form an explosive mixture with constituents of the liquid medium; applying a liquid medium comprising a granule-forming or coating-forming compound, or at least one reaction component therefore, by spraying particles located in the fluidized bed and at a same time vaporizing an organic solvent comprised in the liquid medium, the particles having a smaller mean diameter than that of particles to be produced, wherein an amount of inert gas is reduced during operation and replaced by a superheated vapor of the organic solvent; partially condensating an organic solvent from at least a portion of a fluidized-bed waste gas leaving the fluidized bed; and re-heating the fluidized-bed gas leaving the condensation device and reintroducing the re-heated gas into the fluidized bed.