InPro improves Line of Commercial-Grade Interior Coatings

September 15, 2010

InPro Corporation has improved its line of commercial-grade interior coatings to strengthen their scrub ratings. The company is reintroducing its low-to-medium interior coating, which now exceeds 700-scrubs. The new coating joins InPro’s 2500-scrub paint. InPro Interior Coating 2500 is 16 times more durable than average paint, standing up to extreme amounts of scrubbing and washing without fading, according to the company. InPro 700 is designed for low-to-medium traffic areas. The high durability of InPro Interior Coatings is measured by scrub ratings using the ASTM 2486 procedure. Both paints are applied by brush, roller or spray. The company also offers two premium quality primers: InPro Bonding Primer and InPro Sealing-Drywall Primer. InPro’s high-performance Sealing-Drywall Primer provides excellent adhesion to difficult-to-paint surfaces, while InPro Bonding Primer offers uniform sealing, high adhesion and water resistance. Designed to color match and complement InPro’s complete line of interior wall and door protection products, InPro coatings are low-VOC, LEED compliant, and contain Microban antimicrobial protection. All InPro Interior Coatings hold the Green Seal Certification, and meet GPS-1 and GPS-2, the Master Painters Institute.  InPro provides a complete range of products to protect vertical surfaces – from liquid wall protection to high impact wall panels.