Mixing Equipment Directory

February 8, 2011

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select mixing equipment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Buhler Inc.
Plymouth, MN
Phone: 763-847-9900
Fax:  763-847-9911
E-mail: rene.eisenring@buhlergroup.com
Web: www.buhlergroup.com

• Buhler ContiMixer

Buhler offers a ContiMixer for manual or automated systems that allows continuous mixing for a variety of products and processes. With ContiMixer, large amounts of medium to high viscosity products can be mixed safely in a closed process.  

• Buhler SEM Batch Mixer

All Buhler SEM mixers are powered by a new high frequency VFD drive that offers safe and quiet operation. The SEM mixers from 10 to 125 HP are available in high speed, high torque and twin shaft configurations.
Conn and Company, LLC
Warren, PA
Phone: 814-723-7980
Fax: 814-723-8502
E-mail: rcfreeman@connblade.com
Web: www.connblade.com

• New Patented Conn Blade of UHMW Polyethylene Product #PITT

Conn and Company has recently introduced their 4th patented mixing/dispersion blade. The PIT style is a high pumping/low shear blending blade and the PITT style is a high pumping/high shear dispersion blade. Users will find they get much longer life compared to the stainless blades and may find for some applications it is the last blade they need to buy.
Disti Kleen, Inc.
Huntersville, NC
Phone: 704-948-1257
Fax: 212-202-4526
E-mail: disti@disti.net
Web:  www.disti.net

• Kreis-Dissolver

Kreis-Dissolver suitable for mixing, dispersing, dissolving and evacuation of middle to high viscous products. Viscosities up to 1.000.000 mPas can be processed. Kreis-Dissolvers are fast running high-efficiency dispersion machines in stationary design with static frequency converter or infinitely variable speed adjustment by Niemann pulley-drive-system.

• Kreis-Basket-Mill

Attributes/Comments:  Kreis-Basket-Mills are suitable for the treatment of low- to medium-viscous products of the paint and varnish industry, the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Kreis-Basket-Mills are fast-running high-performance mills in stationary design with infinitely variable speed adjustment by static frequency converter for the discontinuous fine dispersing/fine grinding in the batch production.
EMI – Eiger Machinery, Inc.
Grayslake, IL
Phone: 847-548-0044
Fax: 847-548-0099
E-mail: sales@emimills.com
Web: www.emimills.com

• EMI Laboratory Rotor Stator Mixer

The EMI Rotor/Stator mixer can mix, disperse, homogenize, emulsify and provide particle reduction on a wide variety of products requiring fine particles and uniform particle or droplet size. The sublevel mixing action avoids air entrapment by drawing liquid from the vessel bottom. Varying the rotational speed of the rotor will increase or decrease the mixing effect and energy transfer. 0.5 to 3 horsepower.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.
Elizabeth City, NC
Phone: 252-338-4705
Fax: 252-338-6540
E-mail: sales@hockmeyer.com
Web: www.hockmeyer.com

• Dual and Triple Shaft Mixers

Hockmeyer’s Multi-Shaft Mixers have a center mounted low speed Helical or Anchor Sweep blade sweeping the mixing vessel wall and an additional high-speed shaft(s). The high-speed blade typically provides high shear to disperse or dissolve ingredients. The low speed blade feeds the high-speed blade by blending and folding the mass in the vessel and improves product uniformity by scraping the walls. Multi-shaft mixers are most often used to mix medium to high viscosity products.

• Drum Mixer

The Drum Mixer provides Hockmeyer’s unparalleled mixing technology in a convenient and compact design convenient for wall mounting or free standing with the addition of support legs. The drum mixer is engineered specifically for a standard 55 gallon drum, but is able to process batches as small as three gallons in a five gallon pail. It can accommodate any style of blade needed to get the best dispersion in the least amount of time.

Indco Inc.
New Albany, IN
Phone: 800-942-4382
Fax: 800-942-9742
E-mail: info@indco.com
Web: www.indco.com

• Deluxe IBC Bracket Mount Mixers (BTC and BGTC)

Indco’s newest bracket mount mixers easily toggle clamp to your IBC cage. Forklift channels and hoist lifts provide operational efficiencies and ergonomics. Mix a variety of materials in tote. Air and electric motor choices are available.

• IBC Tote Lid Mixer (TL)

Indco’s newest tote lid mixer can be easily installed on your IBC tote with the 6” screw cap. Lightweight variable speed air models are ideal for mixing totes of materials of light to medium viscosities. Mixers are shipped complete.
Jaygo, Inc.
Union, NJ
Phone: 908-688-3600 x170
Fax: 908-688-6060
Web: www.jaygoinc.com

• Vakumix model DHOLF
The Vakumix model DHOLF is an in-line high shear homogenizer. It is a multi-stage rotor/stator designed to be used in recirculating or single-pass processes as a mixer, disperser and homogenizer. All Vakumix homogenizers include double mechanical seals with a pressurized sealing liquid system so that they can be run in a multitude of processes, and can even be run dry. The list of options available for the equipment is extensive: various inlet metering and feed valves, CIP/SIP capability for up to 130 C, temperature probes, flow meters, operation under vacuum and more. Typical applications include emulsion, dispersion, creams, lotions, gel, pastes, ointments and suspensions.

Myers Engineering, Inc.
Bell, CA
Phone: 323-560-4723
E-mail: cathys@myersmixer.com
Web: www.myersmixer.com

• Laboratory Mini Vacuum Mixer

New laboratory tool is excellent for formulation trials and small run batches. It reduces raw material waste, removes air bubbles and maximizes material strength, allows for fast uniform mixing with quick incorporation of powders into liquids. Clean up process is quick and easy. This mini tool is a must for research laboratories.

Red Devil Equipment Co.
Plymouth, MN
Phone: 763-533-2969
Fax:  763-533-0015
E-mail: info@reddevilequipment.com
Web:  www.reddevilequipment.com

• The DynoMix

Multi-size gyroscopic mixer built to support a variety of materials including chemical, automotive, marine, various lab settings and other applications. Accepts containers from one gallon (3.8 L) to five gallons (19 L) and features a retractable top and bottom plate for self-centering containes.

• The Air Devil

Pneumatic shaker with a heavy-duty air cylinder and sealed ball bearings to eliminate common friction and wear. Shaker containers of all sizes ranging from 3.25” (8.2 cm) to 11” (28 cm) in height and 6” (15 cm) in diameter.

Schold Machine Corp.
St. Petersburg, FL and Chicago, IL
Phone: 708-458-3788
Fax: 708-458-3866
E-mail:  schold@schold.coom
Web:  www.schold.com

• Extra Thick Wear Resistant High Shear Blade

This is the thickest high-speed high shear dispersion blade on the market. It is ¼” (.250”) thick, available in high shear and high pumper high shear. Where abrasive solids are required or present, this blade will last the longest as compared to standard thickness blades.