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Protex International launches Synthro-Pon S 596 and 602

March 15, 2011

French company Protex International has introduced Synthro-Pon S 596 and S 602, new polymeric wetting and dispersing agents for pigments in high quality solventborne coatings. Both are produced at the Synthron plant in Loire, France. Synthro-Pon S 596 can be used for inorganic and organic pigments used in high quality solvent-based industrial systems. It improves the pigment dispersion and stabilization, giving a good prevention of flocculation and flooding, and also increasing gloss and color strength. Its wide compatibility in various industrial coatings systems allows it to be used in various systems including automotive OEM coatings and refinish, industrial coatings and wood coatings. Synthro-Pon S 602 is also a new wetting and dispersing additive for solventborne coatings based on a copolymer with acidic groups designed to disperse and stabilize inorganic pigments. It works to deflocculate, disperse and stabilize titanium dioxide and inorganic pigments and improves pigment wetting and reduces significantly the mill base viscosity, leading to higher pigment loading with excellent rheology. Although Synthro-Pon S 602 is especially designed for inorganic pigments, because of its specific chemistry, co-grinding inorganic pigment with a part of organic pigment is also possible. Also due to its anionic nature, Synthro-Pon S 602 is recommended for acid catalyzed systems. Pigment concentrates based on Synthro-Pon S 602 are fully compatible with organic pigment concentrates based on Synthro-Pon® S 596. 

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