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By Tim Wright | April 4, 2011

Paint makers work with local designers, paint dealers to develop very specific color palettes for particular regions.

A growing trend in the paint industry is seeing paint firms team up with local designers and family-owned paint dealers to introduce regional color palettes. In one example PPG through its Pittsburgh Paints brand recently launched the Up North Color Collection, a new palette of 25 colors representing the significant shades of Michigan’s northernmost region.
Created by top local interior designers and paint store owners, the palette was designed to capture the relaxed beauty and uniqueness of the area, allowing homeowners to bring their favorite landscapes into their homes to enjoy every day.

“Residents and visitors of the Up North region create vivid memories and feelings associated with the natural colors found here,” said Tom Bischoff, owner Northwood Paint and Supply and contributor to the palette. “Every shade in the palette reflects something that is ours. From the sand dunes to the vineyards, the collection is defined by the local landscape and identifies the unique moodiness and beauty found here.”

Interior designers Rita Whaley, Allied ASID Member, and Ann Freckelton, ASID, of Design2, LLC, said the palette was inspired by the surroundings of the region. From the Beach Glass colors, a soft green, fresh blue and pale yellow all named for the smoothed glass found on the sandy shore lines, to Morel Mushrooms, a muted brown, every color in the palette has a story. Much like the casual, relaxed lifestyle of the Up North region, the organic palette includes soft and rich colors like Land of Delight, a watercolor blue and Farmer’s Market Red, a bold, saturated shade.

The colors were selected by area designers with the goal of bringing the beauty of nature indoors. “Homes in the Up North region often have large windows allowing the scenes of nature to flow right inside the home,” said Lynn Pettyjohn, Allied ASID Member, designer and contributor to the palette. “This palette allows what we see outside to continue right onto the walls and fill the room with warm, current tones that take on the hues of their surroundings.”

The palette includes popular shades mixed with the influence of the regional water, landscape and natural components according to designer Linda Dean Stallman, ASID. She said the Up North colors are heavily saturated with deep tones creating a look unique to the Up North area.

The Up North Palette is part of PPG Pittsburgh Paints Voice of Color Program and is available at Complete Paint and Supplies in Harbor Springs, MI, and Petoskey and Northwood Paint and Supply in Traverse City, MI. Contributors to the palette include Tom and Gwen Bischoff, owners of Northwood Paint and Supply; Chris Smrekar, owner of Complete Paint and Supplies; and Interior Designers Rita Whaley, Allied ASID Member, and Ann Freckelton, ASID, of Design2, LLC; Lynn Pettyjohn, Allied ASID Member, of Lynnteriors; and Linda Dean Stallman, ASID, of Interior Design Inc.

Muralo Paint launches the Michelle Winick Color Collection

The Michelle Winick Color Collection is a new line launched by the Muralo Paint Company. The new line was created to work exclusively with Muralo’s Ultra Ceramic Waterborne interior finishes.
This collection of colors is designed to give consumers a new way of looking at color with less confusion, and with a clear vision of the final result, according to the company. The color cards displayed in the collection are handcrafted using the actual paint to deliver true color representation.
The color collection has neutral tones, earthy tones and serene colors, along with warmer and accent colors. The Michelle Winick Color Collection also provides coordinating ceiling and trim combinations for every color. Michelle Winick is a well-known local decorator with an extensive knowledge of paint products and interior design.
The Michelle Winick Color Collection premiered at Eagle Paint and Wallpaper in Englewood, New Jersey, and Ricciardi Brothers in Morristown and Paterson, New Jersey in March 2011. The Muralo Company is headquartered in Bayonne, New Jersey. For more info visit www.michellewinickdesign.com or www.muralo.com.

X-Rite launches ColorDesigner PLUS

X-Rite Inc. has launched its new ColorDesigner PLUS software package that aims to increase profits of paint retailers and manufacturers by improving the process of color picking, matching and custom mixing architectural paints.

Designed to work with all major types of paint dispensing equipment, ColorDesigner PLUS gives users more options to search paint collections and match colors, input data for new families of paints, create recipes for small scale manufacturing and connect with X-Rite’s Capsure instrument, a tool for contractors and interior designers to pick and match paint colors at worksites.

“ColorDesigner PLUS is a universal software package for paint retailers and paint manufacturers,” said Dave Visnovsky, X-Rite product manager responsible for the program. In developing the package, X-Rite has incorporated the recommendations of major paint manufacturers and trade and retail point-of-sales users at a number of the more than 15,000 ColorDesigner installations worldwide.
X-Rite has designed the new software so that paint companies and retailers in any market can link ColorDesigner PLUS with their existing colorant dispenser equipment.

The ColorDesigner PLUS package also can be used by smaller paint manufacturers to calculate recipes for custom-sized paint batches of up to hundreds of liters or gallons. The company said ColorDesigner PLUS is a cost-effective alternative to X-Rite’s sophisticated laboratory software that is used by large paint manufacturing companies.

Kelly-Moore Paints’ New Color Collection: The Renewal Palette

Thirty new paint color schemes highlight focus colors within seven color families.

As the economic dust settles, today’s homeowners are adopting a self-inflicted optimism, renewing their lives and environments, said the Kelly-Moore paint company. More than ever, home has become their safe haven, a place to escape from the chaotic world. Aspiring to turn the home into an epicenter for personal retreat, they seek revitalization and renewal, but without breaking the bank.

Kelly-Moore’s newly introduced Renewal Palette, a color collection card of 30 new authentic paint color schemes highlighting focus colors within seven color families, gives homeowners and professionals a user-friendly and cost-effective decorating tool to enliven rooms.

Kelly-Moore’s Renewal Palette colors pair together or with existing home décor items. Each scheme takes on a different look and feel. Below are just several of the many possibilities within each color family.

Color Family: Green

• Focal Color: Head for the Beach KM3965-2 – This versatile, nature-inspired green is calmed with hints of gray and brown. It’s subtle enough to work as a neutral, yet has the power to ground vibrant colors.

Combine Head for the Beach KM3965-2 with Victorian Gold KM4005-2 and Scatman Blue HL4265-3 for a quiet feel with a touch of sparkle; with Zaire AC240-5 and Grant Drab HL4271-3 to provide a cozy backdrop to lighter wood tones and fabrics; and with Seville Scarlet HL4284-5 and Cargo 412 – a Craftsman home-inspired scheme.

• Focal Color: Inness Sage HL4253-3 – This deep, herbal green brings stability and timeless beauty to interiors or exteriors. It’s an ideal backdrop for today’s colorful décor items.

Combine Inness Sage HL4253-3 with Southwest Spirit KM4103-3 and Serengeti Safari KM3989-2 to give the home a Southwest look; with Ruskin Blue HL4270-3 and Bamboo Shoot KM3453-2 for an eco-inspired scheme; and with Crown Gold HL4232-3 and Ruskin Bronze HL4221-5 for versatility.

Color Family: Yellow

• Focal Color: Balsam Brown KM3997-2 – An optimistic golden yellow signifying a desire to escape the economic shadows, Balsam Brown is the alternative to the glitzy golds of recent years. Its antique influences bring old-world charm to any environment.

Combine Balsam Brown KM3997-2 with Lavender Rose KM3766-3 and Dark Berry KM3768-5 for an elegant and modern look; with Tropical Straw KM3987-1 & Seville Scarlet HL4284-5 for an antique, Native American-inspired scheme; and with Raw Steel KM3836-2 and Ruskin Blue HL4270-3 for a warm feel.

Color Family: Blue

• Focal Color: Steiglitz Fog HL4227-5 – A dark, mysterious blue-gray, this color adds balance to today’s brighter hues while providing definition to those of yesterday. It adds comfort and safety in an unstable world.

Combine Steiglitz Fog HL4227-5 with Salisbury Stone HL4282-1 and Owl Manner Malt HL4258-2 for a modern, uncomplicated scheme good for interiors or exteriors; with Umber Shadow AC250-5 and Lemongrass 213 for a traditional look; and with Sheer Exposure KM3998-3 and Federalist KM3806-2 to enliven any room.

• Focal Color: Teal Shadow AC235-B – This clean peacock blue with a hint of green adds honesty and serenity to any environment – a stress-reducing color.
Combine with Windsor Toffee HL4212-2 and Frontier Shingle HL4272-5 for a nautical scheme; with Gould Gold HL4240-3 and Storm Blue Sky KM3158-2 for a fun and lively feel; and with Head for the Beach KM3965-2 and Limbert Leather HL4217-3 for an earthy, organic look.

The Renewal Palette can be previewed at the Kelly-Moore Paints website, www.kellymoore.com, by selecting the Color Tool tab, the company’s Facebook page or at any of Kelly-Moore’s 162 stores. Headquartered in San Carlos, California, Kelly-Moore is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the U.S.

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