Raw Materials & Equipment

Union Process manufactures dry grinding attritor

May 9, 2011

Union Process, Inc. has built a specially designed attritor for a European customer that manufactures raw materials for the ceramic industry. The 250SD dry grinding attritor features CE certification and is powered by a specially engineered 150 HP motor, which provides 425 percent starting torque. The mill was designed specifically for metal-free grinding. The grinding tank is lined with ceramic tiles and the agitator arms are sleeved with tungsten carbide. The 250SD attritor is designed to operate in continuous mode, which allows for high product throughput. Material is fed into the attritor at the top, and is reduced in size as it passes through the agitated media bed. The finished ground product is discharged through multiple specially designed dry grind meter valves positioned at the bottom of the tank. A dry-grind aid-metering pump is also included with this mill. Final particle size of the material can be controlled by varying the feed and discharge rates.