ICA Group launches My Gloss topcoats for furniture finishing

June 16, 2011

On the heels of its recent launch of the My Lab system, designed to meet the needs of designers and architects for all-new color combinations, ICA Group has unveiled the My Gloss system. Conceived to fulfill the increasingly stringent requirements of the furniture sector, which are based on the need to achieve high-quality gloss coatings using cycles that have low levels of environmental impact, this new system is ahead of the curve in terms of the color trends in the world of design, the company said. The final lacquered gloss effects of the My Gloss system can be obtained both with colored base coats and with transparent gloss topcoats, and even directly with pigmented gloss topcoats. Specifically, the My Gloss system is composed of versatile products for the preparation of the base surface such as primers, fillers and UV intermediates with 100 percent solid residue. Alongside these, there are water-based epoxy base coats. In terms of finishes, there is a choice of bi-component water-based gloss coatings or water-based UV gloss coatings, all available in pigmented and transparent versions. In addition, ICA says the My Gloss system enables customers to carry out mixed cycles, using solvent-based, styrene-free base coats and bi-component water-based top coats. ICA says its My Gloss cycles by ICA make it possible to reduce VOCs released into the atmosphere during application by more than 90 percent.