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Emerald to increase capacity of colorant product line

July 13, 2011

Emerald Performance Materials Specialties Group has increased capacity of its Hilton Davis Lake Colorant product line in Cincinnati, Ohio/USA. Emerald Hilton Davis produces colorants in several forms at its Cincinnati location, which has manufactured colorants for nearly 90 years. The different types of colorants include dyes, lakes and dispersions. These are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from food and beverage applications, personal care and household products to graphic arts and printing applications, varnish, deck stains and paint. “Each type of colorant technology is designed and tailored for a specific end-use,” said Jenny S. Smith, business manager for Emerald Specialties. “Lakes are a water-insoluble form of dye used to provide vibrant, high strength color in food applications. These provide color in applications such as bakery and confections as they are soluble in oil and butter, and thus prevent undesirable color-bleed.”