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GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc. to acquire BASF’s bisomer monomer business

July 13, 2011

GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc. has entered into an agreement with BASF to acquire the Bisomer monomer business (hydroxy methacrylates, multifunctional methacrylates (MFM) and specialty adducts) and conventional contact lens business of Cognis UK. The transaction includes a manufacturing facility in Hythe, England that produces hydroxy methacrylates, multifunctional methacrylates (MFM) and specialty adducts, polyalkylene glycols (PAG) and PAG-based lubricants. As a part of the transaction, approximately 140 employees are expected to transfer to the new owner, GEO Specialty Chemicals UK Limited. Hydroxy monomers are intermediates that are primarily used in high performance automotive paints and high-gloss product lacquers, and in industrial finish applications.