Shanghai Here We Come

October 4, 2011

The October issue of Coatings World is the CHINACOAT2011 Show Issue where we offer a Preview of the upcoming exhibition, which will take place Nov. 23-25 in Shanghai. Each year CHINACOAT continues to grow and become more sophisticated, mirroring the industry it serves.

CHINACOAT is the key event for coatings, printing inks and adhesives suppliers who wish to enter, expand and consolidate their positions in the Chinese market. Approximately 950 exhibitors from 30 countries/regions will showcase their products and services in an exhibit area close to 55,000 square meters.

As this issue is heading to Shanghai, we cover a lot of China ground beginning with our resident China guru Dan Watson’s look at what it takes to succeed in entering the China market where all too often the risks outweigh the rewards, and Western companies continue to be lured in hopes of striking China Gold.

In “Improving the Odds of Success With Your China Strategy” most of what Dan addresses should be common sense it would seem, but as he says after his many years working with companies involving a China strategy most don't have a clue nor do they take the time to develop a clear understanding of what is needed to succeed in the China market.

The real problem is that China is changing the rules almost daily. They no longer are trying to entice foreign companies to come to China, rather, they are pursuing what Dan calls a "China First" strategy whereby what they really want is your technology, not your presence in country.

On the raw material side, CCM International’s Chris Wu offers analysis of China’s TiO2 market in, “How Healthy is China’s TiO2 Market." The strong demand for TiO2 has caused China’s capacity and output of TiO2 to increase dramatically and in 2010 it became the largest TiO2 producer in the world.

Despite such positive growth indicators, Chris says China's production technology is outdated, and with blind capacity expansion, China's TiO2 industry is now burdened by overcapacity as well as stiff domestic competition.

Is your company planning to enter the China market anytime soon? Are you already there? Let us know what your experience has been like. Better yet, if you’re going to be in Shanghai come and stop by the Coatings World booth. We’d love to hear your story. See you in Shanghai!

Tim Wright