Wacker patents compositions for textile coatings

October 6, 2011

Patent No. WO2010127977
Compositions for textile coatings (relates to compositions containing (A) organopolysiloxanes, which have Si-bound hydroxy groups, (B) organopolysiloxanes, which have Si-bound hydrogen atoms, (C) platinum catalysts, (D) reinforcing fillers, (E) optionally non-reinforcing fillers, and (F) optionally inhibitors, which delay a platinum-catalysed reaction of Si-bound hydroxy groups and Si-bound hydrogen atoms at room temperature, with the proviso that the organopolysiloxanes (A) have viscosities of 500 to 100,000,000 mPa.s at 25 ° C, that the platinum catalysts (C) are free of phosphoric acid trisamide ligands, that the reinforcing fillers (D) are present in amounts of at least 3% by weight, relative to the total mass of the compositions, that the non-reinforcing fillers (F) are present in lower amounts than the reinforcing fillers (D), that the use of reactive silanes as bonding agents and the use of additional condensation catalysts, which accelerate the condensation reaction of Si-bound hydroxy groups and/or alkoxy groups, are excluded).