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PCI and Chemark team up for “Project Expand”

October 26, 2011

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) has completed a new study that explores new opportunities in the powder coatings market. Titled “Project Expand” the study was commissioned by PCI in 2010 and awarded to The Chemark Consulting Group, Inc. for completion.

PCI’s objective was to determine compelling needs that exist for powder coatings in the Current, Adjacent and New powder coating spaces. The geographical scope of the study is the United States.

Based on industry interviews along the value chains, Chemark has identified and quantified a total of 21 opportunity segments valued at over $4 billion. Five segments fall within the Current market space within which powder coatings now participates; four reside Adjacent to the typical or current powder coatings space; and 12 segment opportunities are found in New spaces not heretofore penetrated by conventional powder coating systems.

The 142-page study provides quantified intelligence for each of the 21 identified opportunity spaces and a recommended priority ranking of those opportunities. It also discusses issues, impediments and unmet needs in the market plus recommended approach tactics for each.

The PCI-sponsored Project Expand study is available to PCI members immediately through the Chemark Consulting Group as a CD or a hard bound copy. Prices vary depending upon PCI membership status. For the hard copy alone Diamond members pay $650; Star members $700; and Gold members $750. For a CD copy alone the price structure is the same. For the CD and hardbound copy together, $50 is added to the aforementioned fee. Additional copies will be $100 for a hard copy and $50 for a CD.

Site license is available to member companies only for $3,000. The site license will allow companies to display the report internally on their corporate Intranet for download by any employee of the licensed corporation.

The PCI professional fee offered to non-PCI members (formulators, suppliers, investment groups, etc.) is $3,000 for either the CD or hard copy alone and will be available December 5, 2011. The CD plus a hardbound copy is $3,200. Additional non-member copies will be $300 for a hard copy and $150 for a CD.

For ordering information visit PCI’s website at and click on the Project Expand link located on the home page. Alternatively, contact Jennifer Egan, program director at 832-585-0770; Fax 832-585-0220; or email

For questions after purchase regarding the study content, please contact Chemark Consulting: 910-692-2492; Fax 910-692-2523; Email

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