Henkel patents acetoacetyl polymer

November 10, 2011

Acetoacetyl polymer, method for producing same, and mould release agents and coatings containing same (disclosed is an acetoacetyl polymer, which is a polysiloxane having acetoacetoxy group or acetoacetamide group thereon and can be widely used in mould release agent, coating, sealant, adhesive and coupling agent, etc. Also disclosed is a method for producing the acetoacetyl polymer, wherein the method is characterised by comprising the following steps: ammonolysing an acetoacetate via ester ammonolysis reaction using an amino-containing polysiloxane, and/or esterifying a hydroxyalkyl-containing polysiloxane via transesterification reaction using an acetoacetate. Also disclosed are mould release agents and coatings containing the acetoacetyl polymer).