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Huntsman launches epoxy curing agent XTA-801

February 15, 2012

Huntsman has launched XTA-801, a highly reactive fast cure cycloaliphatic amine used at low and ambient temperatures. Developed as a potential alternative to IPDA (isophorone diamine) and 1,3-BAC (1,3 bis-aminomethyl cyclohexane). With a gel time of 47 minutes in DGEBA standard liquid epoxy resin, XTA-801 can be used alone or blended with other epoxy curing agents e.g. JEFFAMINE D230. Adding XTA-801 will increase glass transition temperature and decrease elongation and impact strength; the resulting system will produce a cured epoxy with properties between the XTA-801 and the other epoxy curative.

XTA-801 key benefits are highly reactive, fast curing at low and ambient temperatures; fast strength development; enhanced glass transition temperature, hardness and elastic modulus and good chemical and solvent resistance.