Rohm & Haas high PVC fast-drying aqueous binder composition

March 19, 2012

U.S. 2,011,136,936
High PVC fast-drying aqueous binder compositions with small particle binders and traffic markings made therewith (provides fast dry binder compositions comprising one or more anionically stabilized emulsion polymer having a weight average particle size of from 100 to 165 nm, one or more polyamine, one or more volatile base and one or more filler, extender and/or pigment in a composition having a %PVC of from 63 to 80. The invention provides surprisingly stable fast dry binder compositions for such a high extender or filler loading and the compositions dry far faster than binders made with waterborne polymers having a larger particle size. The invention provides high performance traffic paints at a reduced cost in use and coated substrates, such as traffic markings or exterior insulation finishes.

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