BASF taps into water transmission industry with Elastocoat AC

March 12, 2012

BASF has launched Elastocoat AC, a new protective pipe coating product line for the water transmission pipe industry. 

The two-component, 1:1 by volume polyurethane system can be used as an internal lining or as a corrosion resistant external coating for potable and non-potable water transmission pipelines. Elastocoat AC offers a protection solution for transmission pipe used in infrastructure improvement and new installation projects.

The latest in a family of products from the BASF Polyurethane Solutions business designed for pipeline protection, Elastocoat AC contains zero volatile organic compunds (VOCs). As a 100 percent solid elastomeric coating, Elastocoat AC is designed for the cathodic protection of steel and ductile iron pipe and associated fittings. With excellent impact and abrasion resistance and cathodic disbondment properties, Elastocoat AC meets the AWWA-C222 specification, a standard for polyurethane coatings issued by the American Water Works Association.

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