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Elementis launches Rheolate 150 rheological additive for waterborne decorative coatings

April 19, 2012

Elementis has introduced Rheolate 150 rheological additive, a cost effective and versatile alkali swellable thickener in an easy to use emulsion form designed to provide excellent low shear viscosity build. It is very cost effective in medium to high PVC formulations said the company. Rheolate 150 can be used alone or in combination with other rheological modifiers, e.g. HEC or PU thickeners to achieve the desired rheological performance. It imparts good sag and spatter resistance along with improved leveling and syneresis control and good color acceptance. Applications include all latex paints: gloss, semi-gloss and matt; waterborne adhesives; waterborne inks; and waterborne sealants. The Rheolate 150 additive provides high viscosity at low shear rates; excellent sag and anti-settling resistance; reduces syneresis; reduces spattering during roller application; demonstrates excellent color acceptance; shows similar dilution behavior to HEC in most paint formulations; is APEO-free and solvent-free; and has low viscosity and is easy to incorporate.