Biocoat adds three successors to its HydroSleek hydrophilic coatings for medical devices

June 5, 2012

Biocoat, Inc., maker of lubricious Hydak hydrophilic coatings introduced three new hydrophilic coatings for medical devices to its lineup. HydroSleek2 is the new successor to the original HydroSleek lubricious coating, with improved processing and biocompatibility. The HydroSleek Kit is another variation on the HydroSleek coating, which allows the product to be stored and transported under a wider array of conditions. The Hydak T-040 Kit is a remake of Hydak L-110, also allowing for wider availability to Asian and European markets. All of these coatings are based on high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA). This technology has applications among a range of fields including ophthalmology, urology, cardiology, endoscopy, and neurovascular. HydroSleek coatings have overcome the trade off between lubricity and durability seen in cross-linked coatings. Additionally, HydroSleek involves a heat-cure process so both ID and OD may be coated without the concerns surrounding UV curing. These new products will act as Biocoat’s front line solution to medical device firms seeking to reduce surface friction for their devices the company said.