Sudarshan Wins Patents Case Against Clariant

August 15, 2012

A judgement was handed down by a European court in June that Clariant Produkte (Deutschland GmbH), a German pigment manufacturer had been wrongfully claiming that Sudafast 132 (PY191) infringed its patent. It was also held that Clariant had issued unlawful threats to potential customers of Sudarshan. The court will now assess damages to be paid by Clariant to Sudarshan as a result of its wrongful threats. The court specifically stated that Sudarshan did not infringe Clariant's patent. As the largest producer of pigments in India, Sudarshan manufactures an extensive range of organic, inorganic, and pearlescent pigments and dispersions catering to the coatings, plastics, inks and cosmetics industries worldwide. The product offerings of Sudarshan's brands include Sudaperm, Sudafast, Sudacolor, Sumica, and Sumicos. Sudarshan's development focus is on high performance pigments mainly for automotive coatings and plastics.

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