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Cytonix offers FluoroPel PFC1740G fluorosurfactant for wood care products

August 15, 2012

Cytonix, LLC introduced its newest fluorosurfactant, FluoroPel PFC1740G. Designed to provide excellent flow, leveling, wetting and surface tension reduction to hydrocarbon-based solvent formulations, PFC1740G is an ideal additive for wood care products, such as wood conditioners, lane conditioners, printing inks, paints, coatings, and cleaning products the company said. In addition, PFC1740G acts as a foaming agent for kerosene, diesel and hydrocarbons, making it is an effective oil well stimulation additive. Poor wetting, spreading, and leveling are characteristics of a coating system that can often lead to common defects such as “fish eyes”, “craters”, “orange peel”, and “picture frames”. Not only do fluorosurfactants reduce or altogether prevent these defects, their exceptionally low surface tension also allows coating systems to overcome low surface tension contaminants, such as silicone, grease, and oil on the substrate. In short, the lower the surface tension the coating system, the better the wetting, spreading, and leveling effects. FluoroPel PFC1740G fills the void left by the withdrawal of 3M FC-430 and DuPont Zontl FSG fluorosurfactants from the market the company said. While companies are moving toward aqueous coatings, there is still a high demand for effective surfactants for hydrocarbon-based solvent coatings. PFC1740G provides performance that only a fluorosurfactant can produce in many non-polar solvent-based applications. Typical of fluorosurfactants, PFC1740G is effective at very low concentrations, typically less than two percent by weight in hydrocarbon-based solvent applications.