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International Paint and Chengxi partner to enhance marine coatings efficiency

August 6, 2012

International Paint of Shanghai has established a long term strategic partnership with CSSC Chengxi Shipyard, designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their businesses. The two organizations formalized the agreement at a meeting at Chengxi Shipyard on June 20, 2012, led by Aidan Metcalfe, regional director China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, marine coatings for International, and Cao Xueming, deputy general manager of Chengxi.

The agreement signaled International as one of the shipyard's first priority paint suppliers for all newbuilding projects and from the end of July International has been conducting a detailed analysis of Chengxi's production processes to identify ways to improve coatings efficiency. This includes best practices for painting, application procedures and waste and packaging reduction.

"We've set up a project team to analyze the whole shipyard application procedure and solve the shipyard's practical problems," said Metcalfe.

"Our program of activity will also include packaging as we should be considering more efficient and long-term sustainable alternatives," said Yang Jun, International's marine manager for Central China.

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