Pigments Suppliers Directory

December 20, 2012

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Aakash Chemicals
630-469-3838/Fax: 630-469-2255
E-mail: info@aakashchemicals.com
Web: www.aakashchemicals.com

Type of pigments: Blues (Phthalocyanine); Greens (Phthalocyanine); Iron Oxide pigments; Reds; Specialty pigments (High Performance); Yellow and Oranges
•Product name: Akafast Pink E (pigment red 122)
Attributes/comments: Versatile high performance Quinacridone, suitable for inks and coatings (auto, industrial paints). It is easy to disperse, outstanding light-and weather-fastness. Bright, saturated pink hue.
• Product name:

Akafast Yellow H4G (pigment yellow 151)
Attributes/comments: High tinctorial strength, paint and coatings grade opaque G/S Benzimidazolone with good fastness properties. Recommended for aerospace, automotive, powder and industrial coatings.

BASF Corporation
Fax: 800-971-1123/864-332-5080
E-mail: colorseffectscustomercare@basf.com
Web: www.basf.us/colorsolutions

Type of pigments: Blacks (Near Infrared reflective pigments; Near Infrared Transparent pigments; Mica-based effect pigments, Heat Management pigments); Blues (Phthalocyanine Blue; Cobalt Aluminum Oxides); Corrosion inhibiting (Miscellaneous additives); Extender pigments (Miscellaneous pigment extenders and reinforcers); Greens (Chrome Green pigments, Phthalocyanine Green Pigments); Iron Oxide pigments (Transparent Iron Oxides); Metallic pigments (Pearlescent effects pigments; Special effects pigments, Vacuum-metallized aluminum pigments); Reds (Diketopyrrolo Pyrolle (DPP) pigments, Quinacridone pigments, Pyrazolone red and maroon. Pigment Scarlet, Perylene Red and Maroon, Misc. Red and Maroon Toners and Lakes, BON Red and Maroon); Specialty pigments (High-performance pigments, Light-Interference pigments, Heat Management pigments, Low VOC pigments, Misc. Yellow pigments); Whites (Synthetic mica-based effects pigments).
• Product Name: Lumina Royal Aqua and Lumina Royal Indigo effect pigments
Attributes/comments:  The newest members of the Lumina Royal family of high chromaticity effect pigments. These two new interference pigments deliver superior chromaticity and reflectivity offering new options to color designers and stylists.
• Product Name: Paliocrom Brilliant Gold L 2050 effect pigments
Attributes/comments: Brings the brightest and most intense gold appearance possible to coated surfaces – enabling designers to create eye-catching effects because of its high chroma and superior lightness.

Burgess Pigment Co.
478-552-2544/Fax: 4783524281
E-mail: info@burgesspigment.com
Web: burgesspigment.com

Type of pigments: Extender pigments (aluminum silicate, kaolin clay)
• Product name: Burgess Optiwhite
Attributes/comments: Optiwhite is a unique flash calcined kaolin for wet and dry hiding as well as improved touch up, scrub, sheen control, and Ti02 reduction

Cabot Corporation
E-mail: adam.king@cabotcorp.com
Web: www.cabotcorp.com

• Product name: Emperor 1200
Attributes/comments: Uniquely designed high jetness carbon blacks enable best-in-class color performance and superior dispersability. Emperor 1200 provides excellent color performance and hiding power.
• Product name: Emperor 1600
Attributes/comments: Uniquely designed high jetness carbon blacks enable best-in-class color performance and superior dispersability. Emporer 1600 is Cabot’s highest color pigment for solvent-based applications that delivers deep black color with a blue undertone.

Emerald Hilton Davis
Cincinnati, OH
E-mail: colors@emeraldmaterials.com
Web: www.emeraldmaterials.com

Types of Pigments: Blacks (Carbon Black Dispersions, Coductive Black Dispersions); Blues (Phthalo Blue Dispersions); Greens (Phthalo Green Dispersions); Iron Oxide Pigments (Red, Yellow, Brown, Black Dispersions); Reds (Toluidine, Organic, Brilliant Red Dispersions) Yellow and Oranges (Perm, Ferrite, Diarylide, Diamisdine, Dinitranine Oranges, Yellow Dispersions)

• Product name: Verdis Dispersions
Attributes/comments: Q-VOC, formaldehyde free, APE- free, full palette of dispersions and transoxides for in plant tinting.

Heucotech Ltd./Heubach
215-736-0712/Fax: 215-736-2249
E-mail: sales@heubachcolor.com
Web: www.heubachcolor.com

Types of Pigments: Blacks (Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments); Blues (Phthalocyanine Indathrone, Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments); Corrosion Inhibiting (Calcium, Zinc, Strontium Phosphate); Greens (Phthalocyanine, Complex Inorganic Pigments); Reds (Napthols, Benzimadazolone DPP, Quinacridone); Speciality Pigments (Dispersions and Colorants); Yellows and Oranges (Bismuth Vanadak, Complex Inorganic Pigments, PY74 and 83, Disazo)  Whites (Titanium Dioxide Dispersions).
• Product name: Monolite Red 301901
Attributes/comments: Monolite Red 301901 is the Bluish Red modification of the Quinacridone pigment violet 19. High lightfastness and durability makes PV19 a useful product for a variety of applications throughout the coatings and paint industry, including high end industrial paints and automotive finishes.
• Product name: Monolite Yellow 115401
Attributes/comments: PY154 is a somewhat greenish yellow shade providing very high lightfastness and weatherfastness. It is completely resistant to the major organic solvents. It is primarily used in high performance industrial paints and automotive finishes.

Hoover Color Corporation
540-980-7233/Fax: 540-980-8781
E-mail: Hoover@hoovercolor.com
Web: www.hoover@hoovercolor.com

Types of products:  Environoxide Pigments
• Product name: BR-832 & BG-836 Environoxide Pigments
Attributes/comments: Environoxides Iron Oxide Pigments can be used anywhere conventional natural or synthetic iron oxide pigments are used. They can be used to color the paint used to paint a product, the plastic used to mold a product, and the building material used to build a project. They can also be used in conjunction with other traditional pigments to provide a wide range of earth-tone colors.
Jeco Pigment USA
Fax: 732-650-1152
E-mail: info@jecopigmentusa.com
Web: www@jecogroup.com

Type of pigment: Blues (PCN 15:0, 15:1, 15:2, 15:3, 15:4); Greens (PCN G7, G36); Reds (R112, R122, R166, R170, R177, R188, R53); Yellow and oranges (Y110, Y139, Y14, Y151, Y154, Y170, Y180, Y74, Y83, Y97)
• Product name: Y180-JHY180K/L
• Product name: JHY190K

Lansco Colors
845-507-5955/Fax: 845-735-2787
E-mail: frank@pigments.com
Web: www.pigments.com

Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black); Blues (phthalo, indanthrene, milori); Corrosion inhibiting (zinc phosphate, zinc chromate); Greens (phylo, chromium oxide); Iron oxide pigments (synthetic micronized and nonmicronized zinc ferrite) Metallic pigments (aluminum); Reds (high performance, naphthol, toluidine, azo, quinacridone, perylene, DPP)
• Product name: Lansco 1522 Bon Maroon 5222
Attributes/comments: A blue shade red pigment used in spray paint and other low performance applications where cost is an important driver in pigment selection.
• Product name: Lansco 2184 Bismuth Vanadate
Attributes/comments: A green shade yellow Bismuth Vanadate recommended for coatings and plastic applications where excellent lightfastness is needed.

Lanxess Corporation
E-mail: info@lanxess.com
Web: www.us.lanxess.com

Types of pigments: Black (Iron oxide); Blues (Phthalo cyanide blue); Greens (Chrome oxide green); Iron oxide pigments (Synthetic iron oxide); Reds (iron oxide); Yellows and Oranges (azo); Whites (iron oxide)
Orion Engineered Carbons LLC
832-445-3300/Fax: 832-445-0250
E-mail: pigmentblack@orioncarbons.com
Web: www.orioncarbons.com

Types of pigments: Blacks (Carbon black)

Reitech Corporation
610-929-9451/Fax: 610-921-9788
E-mail: reitechcorporation.com
Web: info@reitechcorporation.com

Pigments offered: Blacks (Carbons); Blues (Phthalos and Ultramarine); Greens (Phthalos); Iron Oxides (Red, Yellow, Black, Brown; transparent and opaque); Reds (Naphthols, DPPs, Bariums, and Toluidines); Yellows (Hansas Diarylides, Bismuth Vandates, and Benzimidazolone); Oranges (DNAs, Dianisidine,  Diarylides); Whites (Titaniums); Violets (Quinacridones, Carbizoles , Methyls)

• Product name: Y74R635 Opaque Hansa Yellow
Attributes/comments: A good light fast green shade yellow that hides well.
• Product name: Y83R629 RS HR Yellow (transparent)
Attributes/comments: A red shade transparent yellow with good light fast properties.
Rockwood Pigments
800-638-4444/Fax: 301-210-4967
E-mail: info.us@rpigments.com
Web: www.rpigments.com

Pigments offered: Blacks (black/gray, complex inorganic, carbon black, lamp black); Blues (complex inorganic, ultramarine) Extender pigments (barium sulfate); Greens (chromium, complex inorganic); Iron Oxide pigments (black, burnt umber, raw sienna, Yellow/Red/Brown natural and synthetic, burnt sienna, metallic brown, ochre, raw umber, van dyke brown); Yellow and Oranges (yellow/orange, complex inorganic).

Sensient Industrial Colors
800-325-8110/Fax: 314-658-7326
E-mail: christian.lapak@sensient.com
Web: www.sensientindustrial.com

Types of pigments: Blues; Greens; Reds; Yellow and Oranges
• Product name: Sensi Coat Seed Coating Pigments
Attributes/comments: EPA compliant seed coating dispersions for enhanced appearance, flowability, dust control and seed protection.
• Product name: Sensi Pro Green links Turf Colorant
Attributes/comments: High strength pthalocyanine based pigment dispersion for long lasting visual enhancement for turf and other agricultural applications.

Shepard Color Company
513-874-0714/Fax: 513-874-5061
E-mail: salesusa@shepardcolor.com
Web: www.shepardcolor.com

Types of pigments: Blacks (inorganic); Blues (inorganic); Greens (inorganic); Yellow and oranges (inorganic)

Sincol USA
Fax: 909-931-9465
E-mail: customerservice@sincoluso.com
Web: sincol.com.com

Types of pigments: Blues (Phthalos); Greens (Phthalos); Reds (DPP, Napthol, Quinocradone, Lithol Rubine); Yellows & Oranges (Diarylide, Benzimidazolone)
• Product name: Sinper Maroon Red 179
Attributes/comments: Perylene Red. Blue shade red with excellent lighfastness and weatherfastness recommended in all decorative and industrial coatings.
• Product name: Sinfast Yellow 151
Attributes/comments: Benzimidozolone Yellow. Green shade yellow suitable as lemon chrome replacement in solvent based industrial finishes.

Sun Chemical
Web: www.sunchemical.com

Types of pigments: Blacks (Carbon Black Dispersions); Blues (Indanthrone blue, Phthalocyanine Blue); Corrosion inhibiting (Zinc Flake, Zinc Paste); Greens (Phthalocyanine green); Metallic Pigments (Aluminum paste, Aluminum powder, Waterborne Aluminum, Stain resistant Aluminum, GoldBronze powders); Reds (Bon Red/Maroon, Lithol Rubine, Naphthol, Perylene Red, Perylene Maroon, Perylene Scarlet, Perylene Violet, Quinacridone Maroon, Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Scarlet, Diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole Red, Dioxazine Violet, Toluidine Red); Yellows and Oranges (Diarylide Yellow, Diarylide Orange, Hansa Yellow, Azo Yellow, Isoindoline Yellow, Benzimidazalone Yellow, Benzimidazalone Orange, Perinone Orange)
• Product name: 288-6736 Quindo Red 209
Attributes/comments: Used in both solvent-based and water-based coatings applications. Quindo Red 209 is highly chromatic and is one of the most yellow shade Quinacridones. 
• Product name: Benda-Lutz Maxal EC encapsulated aluminum flakes
Attributes/comments: Superior chemical and alkali resistance and are well suited for solvent, waterborne and powder coatings for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

Toyo Ink. Mfg America, LLC.
East Rutherford, NJ
Fax: 201-836-4982
E-mail: sales@toyoink.com
Web: www.tima.toyoink.com

Types of Pigments: Blues (Phthalocyanines, Indanthrone); Greens (Phthalocyanines); Reds (Azo Reds); Specialty Pigments (Dispersions); Yellow and Oranges (Diarylide Yellows)

Trust Chem USA LLC
East Greenwich, RI
Fax: 401-398-7321
E-mail: info@trustchemusa.com
Web: www.trustchemusa.com

Type of pigments: Blues (Phthalocyanine); Greens (Phthalocyanine); Reds (Azo, Quinacridone, DPP, Benzimidazoione); Specialty pigments (Pearlescent pigment); Yellow and Oranges (Azo, Benzimidazoione, Isoindoline, Isoindolinone, Quinophthalone, Perinone)

• Product name: Pigment Yellow 93
Attributes/comments: Pigment Yellow 93, disazo pigment, green shade, has excellent light-and-weather-resistance, mainly used for the coloring of plastic, packaging ink and decorative paint.
• Product name: Pigment Yellow 95
Attributes/comments: Pigment Yellow 95, red shade, has the best color strength in azo-condensation pigments and excellent heat stability. It’s mainly recommended for coloring of plastic and high-end metal decorative ink.

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