Imperial Chemical Industries Patents Low VOC Coating

December 20, 2012

U.S. 8,197,902 B2
Imperial Chemical Industries has ob- tained a patent for a pigmented, aqueous coating comprised of an aqueous disper- sion of non-crosslinkable addition oligo- mer of weight average molecular weight of 5000 to 15000 Daltons and calculated Fox Tg greater than 0° C and less than 50° C, an aqueous dispersion of addi- tion polymer of weight average molecu- lar weight greater than 53,000 Daltons, calculated Fox Tg greater than 10° C and less than 40° C and mean particle diam- eter of less than 150 nanometers and the ratio is from 0.25:1 to 2.70:1 based on % weight dispersion solids and a pigment, and wherein the composition has an open time of 6±1 to 12±3 minutes, and never more than 15 minutes; and when dry has a gloss of at least 75%.