Valspar Patents Low-Temp Cure Coating

December 20, 2012

U.S. 8,198,348 B2
Valspar Sourcing has been granted a pat- ent for a method of making a coating composition comprised of reacting the following components to form a coating composition: a first component A, com- prised of: approximately 20% weight to 90% weight, based on the total weight of the composition, of an unsaturated polyester resin, wherein the unsaturated polyester is comprised of allyl ether func- tionality, 1% weight to 50% weight: an alkoxy (meth)acrylic functional mono- mer, wherein the functional monomer is selected from di and tri(meth)acrylic functional compounds with 8 to 16 eth- oxy or propoxy groups along a backbone and a thermoplastic compound contain- ing active hydrogen groups, wherein the thermoplastic compound is selected from cellulose resins and cellulose derivatized resins; and 0.1% weight to 3% weight of least one metal drier, wherein the metal drier is a metal salt of an organic acid, and wherein the metal is comprised of Co, Mn, Pb, Ce, Zr, Ca, Zn, Bi, Cu, Cr, Li, K, Ni, Mg and mixtures and combina- tions thereof, and a second component B, comprised of 0.5% weight to 5 % weight of at least one organic peroxide; wherein the coating composition is substantially free of any of formaldehyde, isocyanate and styrene.