Spies Hecker launches Permasolid Spectro Sealer 5450

December 6, 2012

Spies Hecker has recently introduced Permasolid Spectro Sealer 5450, a premium 2K high solid system that can be used as a wet-on-wet sealer, underhood color or as a flexible sealer for plastic repairs.  Fast and easy to apply, this low VOC sealer delivers excellent coverage and a smooth finish, according to the company.

Designed for use with all Spies Hecker base coats, Permasolid Spectro Sealer 5450 can help increase productivity and profitability. Spraying requires 1.5 coats with no flash-off time between coats.   

Permasolid Spectro Sealer 5450 is currently available in black and white. Red, blue, green and yellow will be available in 2013.  All colors can be mixed together to get an unlimited number of colors, including shades of gray.