DSM Patents Hydrophobic Coating

January 15, 2013

U.S. 8,187,707 B2
DSM IP Assets B.V. has been awarded a patent for a coated substrate comprised of a substrate and a superhydrophobic film or coating on the substrate, wherein the superhydrophobic film or coating has a static water contact angle above 140° and is comprised of a layer comprised of raspberry particles, wherein the raspberry particles is comprised of primary particles, and secondary particles, adhered to a surface of the primary particles by covalent chemical bonds and having an average diameter that is smaller than an average diameter of the primary particles, and a hydrophobic upper surface layer covering at least partly a surface of the secondary particles and adhered to the surface of the secondary particles, the upper surface layer having a thickness of from 1 nm to three times the average diameter of the primary particles, wherein the primary particles or the secondary particles are adhered to the substrate by covalent chemical bonds.
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