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Dymax Oligomers and Coatings' Water-Dilutable Oligomer Exhibits Water Resistance After Cure

February 8, 2013

Dymax Oligomers and Coatings’ new water-dilutable oligomer, Bomar XR-9416, represents a breakthrough in technology, according to the company. This material exhibits substantial water resistance after cure, a property standard waterborne materials do not have.  This oligomer’s water resistance results in a water-barrier coating that has anti-fogging characteristics.  The 100%-solids, uncured material has a lower viscosity (7,000 cP at 25°C) when compared to standard waterborne materials, and it contains no water but is infinitely dilutable.  No sophisticated equipment is needed to dilute the product – hand mixing is sufficient.  Customers can also expect a significant cost savings because no water or solvent needs to be shipped.

Water-dilutable oligomers are ideally suited for wood coatings.  When water penetrates the wood, the wood swells at the surface and improves the adhesion of the coating without the need for a separate primer step, resulting in tack-free, tough, flexible coatings with excellent water, chemical, and stain resistance.  Other substrates demonstrating good adhesion are ABS, acrylic, aluminum, cold rolled steel, glass and stainless steel.  After cure, tack-free, tough, and flexible coatings are formed with excellent water, chemical and stain resistance.

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