Lab Equipment DIRECTORY

April 1, 2013

The following contain a directory of select lab equipment suppliers and their products. For more information on the products listed in this guide, contact the companies directly.

Anton Paar USA
Ashland, VA
Fax: 804-550-1057

MCR Rheometer Series
MCR Rheometers are based on a concept at the cutting edge of technology. The EC motor technique, the low friction bearing and the patented normal force sensor have been optimized over years to satisfy the highest demands of rheologists. Any type or combination of rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode, are possible with the MCR rheometers.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc.
Middleboro, MA
Fax: 508-946-6262

AST-100INK Viscometer
The AST-100INK Viscometer is rugged, with no moving parts and can measure/control the viscosity of your inks, coatings and adhesives from start to finish, allowing the operators to handle other press concerns. Applications include printing, coating and adhesives.

High Shear CAP2000+ Viscometer
The CAP2000+ Viscometer offers lower shear rates, making it suitable for many applications where small sample volume and good temperature control are necessary. The rugged, easy to use design makes it perfect in environments where other instruments won’t last.

Buhler Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Fax: 763-847-9902

MicroMedia Series
The MicroMedia series, introduced in the market successfully, has been optimized for a broader application range. The new X family add-on stands for the operationally safe use of micro grinding beads from 20 µm to 800 µm.

BYK-Gardner USA
Columbia, MD
800-343-7721 or 301-483-6500
Fax: 800-394-8215 or 301-483-6555

Smart-lab Software
Smart-lab software analyzes data measured with the BYK-mac: 6-angle color, sparkle and graininess. Measurements are taken in an online mode and are instantly displayed after measurement or retrieved from the linked database (sdf-format for efficient data analysis of large data sets).

Color Theory poster and Viscosity Conversion Chart poster
Color Theory poster displays color measurement of solid colors and color measurement of effect finishes. Viscosity Conversion Chart poster compares the efflux times of the BYK-Gardner Zahn, S90 Signature Zahn, EZ Zahn, Ford, Din 4mm, and ISO cups.

Charles Ross & Son Company
Hauppauge, NY
Fax: 631-234-0691

Model HSM-100CI-T Laboratory Mixer
The HSM-100LCI-T is a new multi-purpose laboratory mixer. Offered with interchangeable mixing attachments including batch and inline rotor/stator sets, disperser blades and propellers, this bench-top machine is ideal for powder wet-out and dispersion, deagglomeration, particle size reduction, solubilization, emulsification and homogenization. Features include: Type 316 stainless steel wetted parts polished to 150-grit finish, 1 HP drive, 115 volt, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 20 amp motor (optional voltage available), Variable speed controls and display for speed, percent of load, batch timer and temperature, electronic push-button lift, dust and fluid spray-resistant enclosure, easy to dissemble and clean with simple hand tools, temperature probe, vessel/beaker clamp assembly, vacuum cover and mix vessel, data acquisition/PC control and other features are available as options.

Clinton, NJ
Fax: 908-236-7865

10mm Color-Tec PCM+ Colorimeter Functions
13mm (10mm AOV) open or windowed reflectance colorimeter.

FlackTek, Inc.
Landrum, SC
Fax: 864-895-7442

The SpeedMixer is an advanced tool for mixing, grinding/milling and dispersing. This non-invasive mixing technology can be used to process any combination of powders, pastes, putties and liquids from 1g to 5kg. The SpeedMixer removes air bubbles while homogenizing the sample in seconds. There is no cleanup.

Formulator Software LLC
Clinton, NJ
Fax: 908-236-7865

Formulator Regulator GHS Module
Software to meet GHS SDS

Formulator  GHS Labeling Module

Glen Mills Inc.
Clifton, NJ
Fax: 973-777-0070

French Press G-M
This new batch high-pressure system allows for 35ml samples of emulsions and soft solids to be compressed by 40,000 psi of hydraulic pressure. Samples after compression are released through a valve into a waiting receptacle. Dropping rapidly from almost 2,700 atmospheres to 1 atmosphere will allow for physical changes to systems being studied. The small sample quantities (from 1.5ml to 35ml) mean valid tests can be performed on high value products with minimal losses. Numerous safety and convenience features have been built into this latest Model 11.

Hamamatsu Corporation
Bridgewater, NJ.
Fax: 908-231-1218

Lightningcure LC-L1 V3
Perform rapid UV curing with the Lightningcure LC-L1 V3. This UV-LED light source has an intense output at 365 nm or 385 nm, and it’s easily integrated into small spaces for inline and offline curing due to its ultracompact size.

Hoover Color Corporation
Hiwassee, VA
Fax: 540-980-8781

Hoover Automatic Muller
Pigment mulling with the Hoover Automatic Muller is easy, accurate and uniform. It is recognized in both ASTM and ISO standards as an approved way to prepare samples for color evaluation. The Muller is used universally throughout the pigment, ink, coatings, cosmetic, plastic and electronic chemicals industries.

Miltec UV
Stevensville, MD
Fax: 410-604-2906

Labcure Hybrid UV Curing System
Attributes/comments: The new Miltec UV Labcure Hybrid is the only UV curing lab conveyor in the world designed to combine microwave and arc lamp technology. The compact size of this conveyor allows users to benefit from the two technologies in a confined space resulting in significant savings.

Phoseon Technology
Hillsboro, OR
Fax: 503-439-6408

FireJet FJ200
The FireJet FJ200 is a high-powered air-cooled UV LED curing lamp with 8W/cm2 peak irradiance.  The FireJet lamps scale up to 2 meters and are ideal for the coating market where rock-solid reliability and simple integration are key requirements.

The FireLine is a scalable water-cooled UV LED curing lamp that is now available in 395nm and 365nm wavelength at 8W/cm2 and 4W/cm2 peak irradiance.  These high power units are ideal for a wide variety of coatings and other applications.

Red Devil Equipment
Plymouth, MN
Fax: 763-533-0015

This five gallon gyroscopic mixer is the perfect solution for all materials including heavy, bottom-settling applications. Utilizing direct-drive gear technology, it spins containers end over end for a superior mix while its new programmable timer features a digital display to better gauge the perfect mix. Also comes as an explosion-proof model.

This one-gallon explosion-proof gyroscopic mixer also accepts quarts and pints as well as a wide variety of materials, including those that bottom-settle and are flammable, ignitable and combustible. Because it has to be hard-wired into the space, the 1025-X1 assures safety for whatever you’re mixing.