Biocides, Fungicides and Algicides Directory

May 8, 2013

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select biocide suppliers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Ashland Inc.
Wilmington, DE

• Fungitrol 940CR fungicide
Fungitrol 940CR delivers a minimum amount of fungicide to the coating interface over an extended period of time. Based on the controlled release of IPBC through microencapsulation into an inorganic carrier, Fungitrol 940CR may be used to resolve tradeoffs in dry-film protection strategies and to enhance the overall performance of fungicide in use.

Memphis, TN
Fax: 901-276-5343

Dow Microbial Control
Buffalo Grove, IL

Lanxess Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA
Fax: 412-809-1082

• Preventol D 7
1.5% CMIT/MIT (0 VOC). For industrial use as an in-can preservative to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and yeast in paints and coatings, pigments and mineral slurries and tackifiers and polymer emulsions.

• Preventol A6 D
50% Diuron Dispersion (0 VOC).
For dry-film algae control in interior and exterior coatings and stains, paints and stains, masonry coatings, roof coatings, caulks and sealants, stucco, joint cements, mineral and silicone resin plasters and adhesives.

Atlanta, GA

• Proxel BZ Plus Preservative
This unique combination of Proxel preservatives and Omadine antimicrobials offers a dual mode of action for inhibiting microbial growth in latex emulsions, water-based paints, adhesives and pigment dispersions. Proxel BZ Plus Preservative prevents discoloration and provides the extra protection customers need against mold, mildew and bacteria. Features include: color-stable formulations, dual-action protection, zero VOCs, CMIT/MIT and formaldehyde free, long-term preservation, broad spectrum activity.

• Zinc Omadine ZOE Antimicrobial
The patented Omadine ZOE antimicrobial is formulated to prevent discoloration due to interactions with various elements in paint formulations. Features include: low VOCs, inhibited growth of fungai, algae and bacteria, color-stable and fine particle dispersion (in water) of zinc pyrithione, alkaline pH stability, suitability for masonry coatings.

Troy Corporation
Florham Park, NJ
Fax: 1-973-443-0843

• Polyphase 663
Polyphase 663 is an advanced, zero-VOC, dry-film preservative that provides long lasting fungal and algal control in aqueous exterior paints and stains. Polyphase 663 has a favorable toxicological profile and offers high efficacy at low use levels, translating into low cost-in-use.

• Polyphase 678
Polyphase 678 is an advanced, zero-VOC, dry-film preservative that provides broad-spectrum control of mold and mildew in interior applications, including aqueous coatings applied in kitchens, bathrooms and basements. The preservative features a favorable toxicological profile and low cost-in-use.

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