British Coatings Federation Holds Annual Conference

June 17, 2015

Triple decker launch at BCF’s Annual Conference

In May, the British Coatings Federation (BCF) welcomed a record number of guests to their Annual Conference in Chester.  At the event, nearly 130 delegates enjoyed a full bill of stimulating presentations which included themes of sustainability, manufacturing, economics and legislation, all with relevance to the coatings industry. Guests enjoyed receiving an update of BCF’s numerous activities from the CEO Tom Bowtell, and were also enthralled by the awe-inspiring keynote speaker Richard Noble, OBE who presented the Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) and the project which will attempt to break the world ground speed record in 2016 by reaching the speed of 1,000 mph.  Guests finished the evening with a champagne reception and gala dinner featuring comedian, Mike Osman.

The event marked the launch of PaintCare, an industry-led project to create a circular economy for leftover decorative paint in the UK. PaintCare aims to make better use of the estimated 50 million liters of decorative paint generated each year in the country, much of which ends up in landfills today. The project is backed by various stakeholders across the nation including decorative paint manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, waste management companies, local and national government and other third-sector organizations. These stakeholders will be confirming their commitment to help create a sustainable circular economy for leftover decorative paint, to increase reuse and remanufacturing rates from two percent to more than 50 percent. More information about PaintCare can be found on the newly launched website, www.paintcare.org.uk.

Minutes Matter was also launched at Conference.  This is a three way partnership between BT, the Community HeartBeat Trust (CHT) and the BCF to help rural communities convert their local red telephone kiosk in to a life-saving defibrillator station.  BCF members have given overwhelming support, providing undercoat and red gloss paint for over 80 telephone kiosks since the launch in 2013, restoring them to their former glory.  As part of BCF’s strategy to take this initiative nationwide, details of the Minutes Matter campaign have been sent to all 650 MPs, asking for them to nominate a local rural community in their constituency to install a defibrillator in their red phone box.  Working with the CHT, a new website www.minutesmatter.org.uk has been set up, which recognizes MPs who are successful in getting a village in their constituency involved.

The third launch was of the revised edition of BCF’s technical manifesto “Driving the Technical Agenda for the Coatings Industry.”   A key role of any trade association is to defend the interests of its members, and this publication outlines the topics BCF is lobbying on, progress made so far and also future plans.   Key elements of the manifesto include defending critical substances used in coatings and inks which are not easily substituted with an alternative – these substances that help coatings perform important functions such as corrosion protection (chromates), creating a barrier to protect food from the packaging (BPA), preservatives for water based paints (MIT),  anti-skinning agents for solvent based paints (MEKO),  chemicals to make blown vinyl wallpaper (ADCA), fire retardants (boric acid), marine coatings to protect ship’s hulls (biocides) and vehicle refinish paints (isocyanates). 

Feedback has been excellent for this record-breaking Conference, and next year’s is already planned for Thursday, June 23, 2016. 

The BCF is the representative body for the UK’s £2.8 billion-a-year paint, printing ink, powder coating and wallcovering manufacturing industries. The Federation has over 150 companies in membership. Main benefits of membership include guidance on health, safety and environmental matters, access to industry statistics and to meet on matters of mutual concern within the industry. For more information go to www.coatings.org.uk.

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