Mixing Equipment Directory

February 13, 2017

Here's a look at the latest offerings from select mixing equipment suppliers.

American Machining, Inc.
Fenton, MI
Fax: 810-629-0046

• Flip Mix
Attributes/Comments: The Flip Mix is designed to fit through an opening as small as 2” and reach the tank bottom, mixing product that a standard tank mixer is unable to reach. It has collapsible blades that open on motor start up through centrifugal force. Flip Mix can be used with most IBC , stainless totes and 55 gallon drums. The motor operations with an air source and the speed is adjustable.

Buhler Inc.
Mahwah, NJ

• MacroMedia, Pre-dispersing Unit
Attributes/Comments: The combination of an integrated pump and a small grinding chamber make the MacroMedia a unique product in the market. It achieves high throughput rates and excellent particle size distribution using minimal space, thus providing the ideal basis for subsequent fine grinding.

Charles Ross & Son Company
Hauppauge, NY

• Ribbon Blender with new and improved features
Attributes/Comments: New features are being offered on Ross Ribbon Blenders for manufacturers requiring extra precision and efficiency. Ribbon Blenders are used for rapid blending of dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms. The pictured Model 42N-120SS, a 120-cu.ft. Ribbon Blender, is equipped with the following new features:

• Solid agitator shaft with precision formed ribbons having angled leading edges to prevent material build-up.

• Scrapers welded to the spokes and ribbons, having a close tolerance (1/8”) to the end walls. As a standard, trough corners are ‘radiused’ which further eliminates dead space.

• Clear view polycarbonate on the cover and shaft guards. The cover can also include multiple ports for ingredient additions, lights, spray system, venting and vacuum transfer. Operators can safely view the batch and charge raw materials while the agitators are running.

• Air-purged mechanical shaft seals with replaceable Teflon seal faces.

• Pneumatically-operated spherical disc valve which provides a large opening and minimizes dead space. Discharge connections can be customized to perfectly mate with the user’s material handling system.

• Portable High Shear Mixing System
Attributes/Comments: Ross introduces a new Portable High Shear Mixing System designed for powder dispersion into liquid, emulsification and homogenization in a closed, temperature controlled vessel. Shown is a 200-L Portable High Shear Mixing System featuring stainless steel 316L wetted parts, sight/charge ports, ASME dimpled jacket rated for 85 psig, chloride-free insulation with stainless steel sheathing, high accuracy weighing scale, and NEMA 4X gas-purged controls. On the dished top cover, each 3” tri-clover port includes a dip tube extending into vessel, for suctioning and transferring finished product, as well as for incorporating liquid ingredients. The dip tubes are fully removable for replacement with a sanitary cap on the cover. An 8” charge port is also supplied for solids addition into the batch. The High Shear Mixer is mounted on the cover in a vapor-tight sealing arrangement. Its four-blade rotor runs up to 3,600 rpm within a close tolerance slotted stator, delivering intense mechanical and hydraulic shear. The mixer is driven by a 5 HP stainless steel wash-down duty explosion-proof motor. The entire portable system is easily moved from one room to another and can be operated in a Class 1 Div1 hazardous location.

Conn and Company
Warren, PA, USA

• The Conn Blade
Attributes/Comments: The Conn Blades are the most efficient and aggressive high pumping/high shear dispersion blades available. High pumping/low shear blades also readily available for shear sensitive materials. Stainless steel or newly patented of UHMW Polyethylene for extremely abrasive or corrosive mixes.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc.
Fleetwood, PA
Fax: 610-926-0984

• Supermill Plus
Attributes/Comments: CMC develops more “non-metallic” components for “contaminant free” grinding. New features added to the SMART Control Packages to improve process controls, and networking capability – including upgraded enclosures and HIM interface, embedded Ethernet/IP connenction and with a new Safe Torque Off feature with the newest generation of VFDs.

Diversified Toll Services
Cheshire, CT

• Toll blending services, custom blending services
Attributes/Comments: Nationwide network of blenders for dry and wet products in the building materials and construction chemicals & coatings markets. Consultative packaging and transportation services available.

EMImills – Engineered Mills, Inc. 
Grayslake, IL
Fax: 847-548-0099

• EMI Explosion Laboratory/Pilot Mixer
Attributes/Comments: EMImills released a new mixer/disperser for larger volume laboratory or pilot scale processing. The infinitely variable speed disperser can mix vessels up to around 24” diameter and 24 inches tall. Available for use in all locations including hazardous areas. Up to 5 horsepower. Wide range of mixing and dispersing blades.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation
Elizabeth City, NC
Fax: 252-338-4705

Jaygo, Incorporated
Randolph, NJ
Fax: 908-688-6060

• AZ Alumina Nanobeads
Attributes/Comments: Jaygo introduces AX Alumina Nanobeads. These beads provide an alternative for high demanding mill processes currently using Zirconia Micro Beads. The AZ Nanobeads are specially formulated to be used in high energy mills where a high degree of fineness is required reaching nano metric sizes.

NETZSCH Premier Technologies
Exton, USA

• Epsilon
Attributes/Comments: The new inline mixing experience. A compact solution for producing homogenous dispersions with reproducible quality in an inline process. The Epsilon is operated in circulation mode, whereby powder can be fed from a bag via suction lance or bag feeding station.

Norstone Inc.
Bridgeport, PA
Fax: 610-275-2404

• Polyblade HS
Attributes/Comments: The Polyblade HS contains both scoops and teeth for maximum pumping, shearing and deagglomeration. Like other Polyblades it is symmetrical, can be turned over for dual use, outlasts steel blades and never gets sharp. Available in a wide range of polymers.

• Blade Guardian
Attributes/Comments: Secure and removable guard to protect personnel from getting cut by metal dispersing blades. The Blade Guardian is available in epoxy painted carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be custom sized if needed.

Powder Technologies Inc.
Hainesport, NJ
Fax: 609-914-0318

• Ystral Dispermix
Attributes/Comments: The Dispermix simultaneously disperses and mixes in one single operation and negates the need for a second step with a high shear mixer and serrated stator. The entire contents of the vessel, even materials with high viscosities, are fully influenced.

• Ystral Pilotec
Attributes/Comments: Ideal for product research and development, scale-up and small scale production, it offers dust- and loss-free dowder induction, wetting under vacuum and dispersion – in one passage. A simple exchange of mixing tools allows Multi-Z or Z-inline-dispersing with multi-stage shear ring systems.

Schold Manufacturing LLC
Bedford Park, IL
708-458-3788/Fax: 708-458-3866

• Food Grade Disperser
Attributes/Comments: Sanitary blade design, quick change blades, full stainless contract parts, option to construct disperser frame with stainless steel.

• Lab Scale Mixer
Attributes/Comments: Idea for small volume bathes (2-5 gallon), low maintenance design, stainless steel contact parts are standard.