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Axalta Coating Systems Introduces Alesta Lync Dry-on-Dry System

January 11, 2017

Axalta Coating Systems introduces Alesta Lync, an innovative Dry-on-Dry (DOD) powder coating application system. Alesta Lync is a cost effective solution to the energy consuming process of conventional two layer systems that require two separate bake cycles. It is also engineered to provide a significant performance improvement compared to single layer systems.

With its unique topcoat and primer combination, Alesta Lync is designed to provide two paint layers but require only one cure cycle. As a result, Alesta Lync reduces process time, paint shop footprint and capital investment while increasing productivity. The process is energy-efficient and has excellent edge corrosion protection. By contrast, traditional direct to metal monolayer powder systems often fail to protect edges, as surface tension during the liquid state causes paint to pull away from sharp edges. Conventional two-layers systems require an intermediate bake step between primer and topcoat.

“Alesta Lync is the result of Axalta scientists around the world listening to the needs of our customers and then working closely with them to develop an innovative technology that is designed to improve their business,” said Michael Cash, Axalta Senior Vice and President and President, Industrial Coatings. “I couldn’t be more excited about this new system, and I look forward to seeing the creative ways our customers will take advantage of its value.”

Alesta Lync has been engineered initially for ACE segment coaters, but also is suitable for many other general industrial applications. Coaters using direct to metal systems today can get better edge coverage and corrosion resistance with Alesta Lync without having to add an additional oven to gel cure a primer.